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  3. In addition, I am going to give you 5 points on how to wear a suit, sports coat, and blazer without a tie and look like a million bucks. Note: For this article, I am going to use the terms jacket, sport coat, blazer and suit interchangeably. A suit is when a jacket and trousers are made of the same fabric

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  1. Patterned Tie - Grey suits come in various forms, as do the ties that go with them. Rock this combination only when you've mastered the art of sartorial style. Shirts. As most style experts will attest, you can do no wrong pairing a suit jacket of any colour with a crisp white dress shirt. Grey suits are naturally no exception
  2. A tie is one of the few - often the only - flamboyant adornments that men in conventional jobs are allowed to wear. Suits tend to be blue or grey, shirts white or blue, maybe light pink. Ties.
  3. A wardrobe essential, this suit by Calvin Klein has a flattering X-Fit in a classic solid gray. This fine suit features a notch lapel, two-button jacket, and smooth, flat-front slacks.52% wool, 46% polyester, 2% spandex.Fabric is woven with stretch.Two-button jacket, Notch lapel.Side vents.Pick stitching.Flat-front slacks, lined to the knee.Unhemmed for tailoring.X-Fit Slim Fit.Calvin Klein.
  4. No wearing a Garza Grossa grenadine tie and gray suit In general, the lighter the shade of gray is for your suit, the more texture you can add. At the same time, if you have a charcoal flannel suit which is quite dark, a knitted tie can still work well, because they're both somewhat casual in texture and so it's a harmonious look
  5. d; its lapels, along with the collars of your dress shirt, serve as frames to the neckwear which runs down the center of your chest
  6. Simple Rules To Follow When Wearing A Grey Suit. A stark, white shirt and black tie looks super clean with the grey suit, especially in pastel grey or charcoal. Otherwise, light greens, strawberry.
  7. https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/wear-suit-without-tie/ - Click here to read the article - 5 Tips For Breaking The Rules The RIGHT Wayhttp://www.realmenreals..

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  1. SHLAX&WING Solid Color Grey Mens Neckties Silk Ties Business Suit. 4.7 out of 5 stars 434. $9.99 $ 9. 99. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon +24. Proper Materials. Men's Chambray Cotton Skinny Necktie Tie Textured Distressed Style - 2 1/2 Width. 4.7 out of 5 stars 935
  2. Traditionally, a charcoal grey suit is considered just formal enough to be a stylish business suit. Recently, charcoal suits have gained popularity as a more casual suiting option. Read our tips below on charcoal grey suit, shirt and tie combinations. 1. Charcoal suit, white shirt. This combination, is a classic match
  3. Gray suit, black cap toe shoes, white shirt and pocket square, with a dark blue tie with small red dots on it. Black suits (not gray) and black ties for all gentlemen, no ties with patterns, however understated the pattern may be. This goes for both the closest family members and the guests. And absolutely no pocket square at a funeral! At.
  4. Craig's suit in No Time to Die is clearly - obviously - a callback to the golden age of Bond. It nods to Connery in the choice of glen check and certain styling features (more on that below) while updating the overall look to be unmistakably contemporary. You can pick up a grey glen check suit for under $400 from Suit Supply
  5. Men's Classic-Fit UltraFlex Stretch Light Gray Sharkskin Suit Separates Deal of the Day $125.00 - 450.00. Sale $50.00 - 180.00 (11) more like this. DKNY Men's Modern-Fit Performance Stretch Suit Separates.
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  7. One way to avoid that I was wearing a tie, but I ripped it off so I can get on the wedding reception dance floor look is to choose your suit carefully. A peak, wider lapeled chalk stripe is too boardroom ready. Stick with solids like navy, light grey, or khaki for summer, and subtle, hardly noticeable patterns if any
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Best tie colors: Light Grey, Red, Burgundy. While pairing a navy suit with a light blue shirt is an easy task, it's more difficult when you get into the mid-tones like royal blue. If you're looking to pair your navy suit with a mid-tone blue, keep your tie simple, like a light grey or burgundy. Navy Suit / Purple Shirt. Best tie colors. But black should generally be reserved for funerals and weddings -- for daytime wear, stick with a classic navy or charcoal gray suit, paired with shoes in brown hues. Bonus: There are almost no color shirts that don't match navy or gray FROM $124.95. Our women's black shawl lapel tuxedo jacket and matching tuxedo pant set was created specifically for women and is perfect for any formal occasion. The women's tuxedo jacket comes with two besom pockets and a single button enclosure. Available online in a range of women's slim fit sizes and made from a blend of stretch fabrics.

A charcoal gray suit is a good color to own as it is quite versatile. This versatile color affords you a wider choice for pairing a tie. No matter what color of tie you choose to wear, you know there's a very slim chance of you going wrong with white. White Shirt with a Gray Suit Grey Suit with White Shirt and Blue Tie. Image Source. Image Source. A satin blue tie looks phenomenal with grey suits. You can decide the color of blue based on the shades of grey, for example, if you choose to wear a darker grey go for a lighter blue tie, similarly with a lighter grey suit team with a dark blue tie The safest tie colour options for a blue suit are a different shade of blue to your suit, or red. You can also wear a pink tie, or even a grey one, provided your suit is made from a heavyweight.

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For most, the eyes hit the tie first, after the suit of course, then bounce to the watch and other accessories last. When the tie is removed, accessories steal or better said, own the spotlight. A really fine watch, gold for that matter, stands out incredibly well against a suit without a tie. It's an eye-catcher Grey Wedding Suits. Grey is another option, which is extremely popular, and there are many shades to choose: from slate grey to brownish grey hues. Here the most popular fabric is tweed, a grey tweed suit looks oh-so-elegant, wow! It's a perfect choice for a fall or winter groom, and you'll look just stunning - with tie or no tie

Men's Classic-Fit UltraFlex Stretch Light Gray Sharkskin Suit Separates Deal of the Day $125.00 - 450.00. Sale $50.00 - 180.00 (11) more like this. DKNY Men's Modern-Fit Performance Stretch Suit Separates. #3 - suit pattern or no suit pattern? The next consideration is whether your suit has a pattern or not. In my opinion, the safest option is to choose a solid suit that is free of any patterns Cocktail attire for men is has no strict definition but this also opens up a variety of opportunities. A dress code reserved specifically for festive occasions, it's less formal than black tie, but more fashion-forward than a simple business suit.. Nevertheless, the following guide will help you prepare for a cocktail dress code so you can make sure that you get it right The obvious move here is a floral tie with a light colored suit, but try to find a tie with a subtle floral pattern—if such a thing exists. Otherwise, a not-too-dark suit in grey or blue is a good base to work from, and those suit colors will complement almost any accessory or tie you can throw at them

I think we are probably going to go with Groom wearing navy, and the groomsmen either in grey suits, OR grey pants, a white top and navy suspenders/ bow tie with no suit jackets. Although now I think I am going with blush bridesmaid dresses. Reply ; VIP November 2019. There are plenty of options and ways to get by at black tie with no tux. Here are six of them. 1. Blue Suit, Black Tie. Even if you don't own a tuxedo, there's a high probability that you do have a blue suit. (If you don't, what are you waiting for?!) And in a pinch, that blue suit is a good stand-in for a tuxedo The Navy Suit is a staple in every discerning gentleman's wardrobe, and as a corollary, knowing which shirt and tie combinations complement a navy suit is of the utmost importance. In this detailed guide, we cover how to match ties to navy suits based on underlying shirt color, pattern considerations and some seasonal considerations! The stage is set Toddler Boys' 5 Piece Classic Fit No Tail Formal Khaki Dress Suit Set with Tie and Vest. 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,960. $41.97 $ 41. 97. FREE Shipping by Amazon. OLIVIA KOO. Boys Solid 5-Piece Formal Suit Set with Matching Neck Tie. 4.3 out of 5 stars 479. $34.00 $ 34. 00. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Pierre Cardin

A grey suit is a perfect alternative to a traditional black suit. The color is muted and suits the tone of the occasion very well. Notice also the light gray shirt and understated tie. Charcoal gray or navy blue are also appropriate alternatives when it comes to the color of your suit. Source ↓ 18 - Classy, Stylish Funeral Attire For Me Red Tie - The red tie and dark blue suit combo, a powerful look. Black Tie - A a look that never fails, classic and safe. Yellow Tie - Must have the aberrant personality to back it up. Burgundy Tie - The deviant line, sophisticated and distinctive. Grey Tie - Elegant, allows the opportunity for textures

Oct 21, 2019 - Explore Rob Edgar's board Grey suits on Pinterest. See more ideas about suits, mens outfits, well dressed men Just a a question, if i wear a purple tie and grey suit. What colour of shirt will make it stand out ( the best colour of shirt to wear). Many thanks for your advice. Serge. Reply. hendrik says: February 23, 2014 at 5:51 am Hi Serge, White would be your best option. It will create a nice canvas to make your purple tie truly pop A traditional men's three-piece suit consists of trousers with a matching jacket and vest. Of course, a three-piece suit isn't always necessary. Generally speaking, it's used for black tie and other highly formal events and occasions. For all other occasions, wearing only a suit jacket with matching trousers will suffice

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Here's some blue suit/tie inspiration that will have you covered no matter where you're going, what you're doing, or how you're feeling. Charcoal Grey Tie. How It Looks: Serious and somber. Our Pick: J.Crew American Wool Tie. Grey Striped Tie. How It Looks: Conservative but modern. Our Pick: Brooks Brothers Natte Double Stripe Tie. Blue. Charcoal suits are less versatile than grey suits. Light brown or tan shoes are too informal for charcoal suits, and darker brown shades may look like you're trying to match the color of your suit but falling short. While your safest bet is to wear black shoes with a charcoal suit, brown shoes in a dark shade, like oxblood, can look elegant In shorthand, that's the One Step Higher rule. It means that if on a normal day you'd be wearing khakis and a dress shirt but no tie, you should show up at the interview in slacks, a blazer, and a shirt with a tie, but not a suit. If you'd be wearing jeans and a polo at the job, wear khakis and a tie but no jacket. And so on Picking Suit Colors: The Basic Rules. There are so many choices when it comes to picking suit colors but when it comes down to it, there are three main categories: shades of blue, shades of gray (including black) and shades of brown.When building your suit wardrobe, you don't want it to rely on the same routine color. This will make your day-to-day look boring and overly routine shiny fabrics — no silk or satin; 2. Men's Style and Fit. Men, if you're going business casual (specifically, no tie) bring a couple of sport coats. A sport coat without a tie is an intentional wardrobe choice. But if you wear a suit coat without a tie, it gives the impression that you are dressing down. Tie = suit coat OR sport coat

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Suspenders and Ties: Your standard tie, as well as bowties, will go great with suspenders. You typically don't want to match your suspenders and ties, though. The two accessories should contrast in color and print. For a stylized vintage look, feel free to wear a bow tie and suspenders together. Suspenders and Shirts: @ArtBySwavveeyy / @CrazyRok Black cutaway for white tie and grey suit jacket for black tie. For nighttime, I have a black tuxedo for black tie and a black coat with tails for white tie. I use my stripped tux pants for both white and back tie. White tie requires an expensive bib shirt that matches the white-tie-only white cotton vest There's no denying a black tux is a classic, a tux in shades of gray, or a suit in neutral, beige, or brown tones. Think a suit made of wool or velvet, a floral pocket square or tie, a. Neutral color scheme. If one of your two accessories (tie or pocket square) is a neutral color, then the other one can be any color that you like it to be. Neutrals go well with any color. The Dark Knot's Ithaca Grey Wool Knit Tie.Courtesy of @runnineverlong. For a comprehensive selection of hand made silk and linen pocket squares with contrasting hand rolled edges, please click her

Dark solid colored suits, especially grey and navy blue, go well with most tie color combinations by default. They are the easiest to match as most tie makers assume their wares will be worn with one; if you have already matched the tie to the shirt, either a grey or navy suit will more often then not complement your ensemble H&M slim fit blazer in Dark Gray, $99, H&M; H&M slim fit suit pants in Dark Gray, $50, H&M. Two-piece suits are always a great choice because you can dress them up or down to suit the occasion. For semi-formal events, a tie, a dress shirt, and polished dress shoes will totally transform a two-piece Now:$96.00. No formal or professional menswear ensemble is complete without the sophisticated polish of a premium tie or pocket square. Elevate an essential black or charcoal suit with a rich, lustrous splash of red or gold; accent any tuxedo with a timeless black cummerbund and tie set. Exquisitely embroidered silken styles from brands like. To update this color combo, try mixing a gray vest into a blue suit. As noted above, a solid vest provides a simple backdrop on which to apply some pattern, like a check suit and a striped knit tie. When the vest is a neutral gray you can pair it with almost anything, but we still love the timelessly elegant blue and gray combo Business suits. Our business suits are made for everyday wear, woven from hard-working wool, and packed with details like twin back vents and working button cuffs to ensure you always look stylish whatever the demands of your day. With various colors, patterns and weaves to choose from, there's a perfect business suit for every business man

DO: Wear a Dress Shirt and Tie in Neutral Colours. The best choice for a funeral is a classic white or light-grey shirt with a black tie. Simple, classy, and appropriate. If you don't own a solid black, navy or grey tie, patterned ties can be appropriate provided that the colour is still neutral and the pattern is subtle Failing that, a simple black, navy or grey two-piece suit teamed with black Oxfords or monk straps would be more than acceptable. What Colour Shoes To Wear With Your Suit. Determining what colour shoes best match a suit is the part that catches so many men out. Stick to the foolproof combinations below and you'll never put a foot out of place Mother nature will have color covered in the autumn (thanks, Mom), so either harmonize with those hues—with brown leather shoes, or maybe a red wool tie—or go neutral for the groomsmen suit accessories—try a light blue shirt, a grey flannel bow tie, or a white shoestring pocket square Ties For a Headshot. Like suits, people tend to stick to the classics when choosing the best tie for a headshot. Both Red and Blue ties are timeless and continue to be great options and go very well with either a blue or black shirt. A tie with bold stripes will also look great with most combinations. The biggest things to avoid are seasonal.

There once was a time when grooms and groomsmen formalwear consisted of choices between black suits and black ties.. As the men's fashion industry expanded into what it is today, groom and groomsmen now have ample choices of quality suits and tuxedo rental to choose from, and even more accessories to customize each look.The possibilities are endless Tie Bar is the best place to find neckties for men to match virtually any dress shirt, suit, jacket, wedding theme, or bridesmaid dress. Use our convenient filters to narrow down our collection of 1,900+ choices featuring everything from classic solids, plaids, stripes, and paisley designs to fun florals, novelty prints, polka dots, and many. If it's a large corporation or a managerial position, a suit is a must. Black, dark blue, and charcoal suits are all great choices (check out our guide on how to match a charcoal grey suit here). You must also make sure the suit is tailored to your body, isn't too big or too small, and is free of creases, marks, imperfections, or stains

What Color Tie With Grey Suit. Click Images to Large View What Color Tie With Grey Suit. What Color Tie Should I Wear With A Charcoal Suit Quora. Click Images to Large View What Color Tie Should I Wear With A Charcoal Suit Quora. What Color Shirt And Tie Should I Wear With A Gray Suit To Joseph Abboud Light Gray Satin Edged Notch Lapel Tux. $229. 99. Buy this look. $229.99 $182.99. with Special Offer. + TAXES & FEES. Estimated taxes and a $12 damage & handling fee will be applied at checkout. Learn More ». SAVE WITH A rental package Refine Search Reset Filters Styles Tuxedo Suit Rent Buy Colors black blue/navy grey/charcoal other red/burgundy tan/brown white/ivory Event Types Others Proms Quinceañeras Weddings SUITS & TUXEDOS You can choose to own or rent many of our fabulous new styles. Now, you're ready for any special occasion with your favorite look. All items must be purchased [

But if you are going to wear a suit, make sure it's darker in color (navy or dark grey are ideal) and that you wear it with a pressed dress shirt and a solid tie to dress it up. Forma Black Jacket + Grey Trousers. Zara. Best for those who like to appear smart and understated, black and grey - when combined with a shirt or roll neck and shoes - is the ideal combination for. Suits A man in an expertly tailored suit is an instantly elevated version of himself. Anchor your wardrobe with Atelier Munro's custom-designed styles, eccentric prints from TOM FORD, and travel-ready options from Canadian label, Samuelsohn.Our razor-sharp assortment of two- and three-piece ensembles- crafted from a mix of superfine wool, plush cashmere, breezy linen, and smooth silk- ensure.

You can't really go wrong with a charcoal grey suit and matching accessories though. Just saying. What color suit is best for a wedding? Assuming that the dress code isn't black or white tie, go for a dark grey or navy suit. These colors can work for more formal ceremonies or be accessorized with more casual items for a relaxed vibe As a rule of thumb, black and charcoal are perennial suit colors for winter and evening ceremonies, while shades such as beige and brown work well for daytime and warm-weather weddings.Navy's an all-season color for any time of day. Accessorize with a pocket square that matches the wedding colors. Tie your tie in a tight Windsor knot for a formal wedding or opt for a four-in-hand at a more. Our selection of suit pants also includes a range of different cuts and fits. Be it slim fit traditional black suit pants, or something checked and grey like the Simon Carter sharkskin pants that would make a fitting choice for both a wedding or to wear to work. To add the finishing touches to your look, don't forget to browse our dress shoes.

For semi-formal weddings in the summer or the daytime, suits in light blue, soft gray, and tan are appropriate colors to wear. The 16 Best Places to Buy a Tuxedo for Stylish Grooms and Groomsmen. The black and light grey in the tie complement the black and grey in the suit whilst the blue in the tie relates to the shirt. The shoes are the black Crockett & Jones Highbury model, a three-eyelet derby with Dainite rubber studded soles. Dainite soles are not quite as elegant as the classic leather soles—and they can also feel very stiff in. My dad wore a gray pinstripe suit to my niece's wedding last Saturday. He wore a cobalt blue shirt and darker blue tie with it. He looked quite dapper, though I did tell him he looked like a successful gangster in it;-) posted by orange swan at 6:51 AM on June 1, 200

Discover the latest HUGO BOSS collection for men and women here in the Official Online Shop. Get inspired and shop these exclusive designs now a grey blazer, a white shirt, a bold blue bow tie, black pants, brown shoes for a stylish summer look. a navy two-piece suit, a white shirt, a creamy tie and white sneakers for a touch of casual. a neutral suit, a bright floral print tie and a neutral floral boutonniere for a stylish and fresh groom's look. a relaxed summer groom's look with a.

Tahari ASL Stretch Double Weave Envelope Collar Jacket 2-Piece Dress Suit. $199.99. Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Half Star. ( 17) Tahari ASL Pebble Crepe Asymmetric Pleat Hem Belted Jacket 2-Piece Skirt Suit. $179.99. Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Half Star Dinner Suit. Of course, there are some formal occasions when your regular suit won't do. Black tie invitations made be infrequent, but when you do receive one you'll want to look the part My dad got the same color suit as the groomsmen ( my FH is wearing a shade darker then them) but my dad is wearing a green tie ( my mom is wearing green so they will be matching) the groomsmen will be wearing blush ties to match the bridesmaids. fh ivory to match my dress. my colors are blush, green and ivor The Groomsman Suit offers quality men's wedding attire & formalwear, all at an affordable cost! We make it easy for every groom, groomsmen, & guest to suit up in style. With classic suit & tuxedo cuts & colors, The Groomsman Suit makes it easier than ever to find the perfect wedding attire for any season. Through the years, we've also expanded our product line, which now includes boy's suits. Always Wear The Same Suit: Obama's Presidential Productivity Secrets Getting comfortable with complexity, keeping a pack of Nicorette handy, and making no new friends. This is how a commander in.

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Button-down shirt, tie, slacks, belt. Button-down shirt, vest, slacks (or dark jeans), belt. Any of the above with blazer. More outfit ideas here. The traditional dress code for men at a funeral has long been a suit in darker colors (black, gray, or dark blue) with the customary collared dress shirt and tie Dress Code : The basic 10 dress codes defined. Dress code is a standard of dress established for a given environment, as in the military, in a school or business, or in a cultural group - says the Dictionary. When you say that a particular place or a function has a dress code, it means that they have a set of rules as to what kind of clothing. The light gray suit with a light gray tie will look stellar with brown shoes and belt OR black. Pair it with a white shirt for a clean, polished look. With A Tie That Matches The Flowers / Wedding Colors. Alesia C. Want to score some extra points on your wedding day? Match the wedding colors with your tie and pocket square

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Our full suits offer great value with amazing style and features. Available in slim fit, classic fit and skinny fit, there is something for everyone. Add a plain dress shirt and a patterned tie for your next formal event. When you need to suit up look no further than our suit jackets and matching dress pant Blue suit with red tie is a combination that can prove to be a very sophisticated pick. ( C) Blue Suit Black Tie Combination. While closing in on the perfect tie with blue suit combinations, you can try black on black! Black on black works beautifully and comes off as a great selection for your formals. Your blue suit black tie look will shine. I just bought dark gray shoes to wear with a black suit. I would like to wear a white shirt and was thinking about options of ties. A lighter silk gray tie, a flower bright pattern tie, a plain tie, a purple and grey pattern tie and a red tie. Please suggest

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What Colour Shoes To Wear With A Charcoal Suit. Like a light, slate or mid-grey number, a charcoal suit looks sharp with shoes in black, burgundy and oxblood. Unlike suits in lighter shades of. Consider lighter solid-color suits for use with pastels and dark ties. Not every occasion requires a dark, formal suit. Tan, pale grey, lighter styles of tweed, and sometimes even white are possibilities when it comes to light-hearted or celebratory events. Try to pair these types of suits with pastels and/or dark ties for contrast Whether you are after an elegant wedding suit, a dinner suit, lounge suit or a sharp blue suit, formal shirt and tie for the office, you will find the perfect ensemble at Hawes & Curtis. There are several styles available in Hawes & Curtis' suit range. Our premium Italian men's suits are part of the 1913 collection These two ties both work well for this blue gingham shirt. The solid orange tie, drawing inspiration from fictitious style icon, Fred Jones (Scooby Doo, Where Are You?), works well with medium blue, grey or tan suits. Wear the dark purple tie with darker suits, like charcoal or navy blue A tie if you want. It's best to go with something neutral because funerals tend to be formal in nature. An example might be a black, blue, grey or maroon tie. But remember, keep it simple. This means no loud colors or patterns. Some men's retailers sell combo items that help to simplify choices

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Midnight, cobalt, turquoise, light, and navy blue tuxedos. With so many different shades it is no wonder that blue is the most popular color in men's tuxedos.With the popularity of tuxes in today's men's formal wear fashion, it, therefore, makes sense that a blue tuxedo is a winning choice for proms, weddings and cocktail parties.. Blue conveys that you are trustworthy as well as approachable Shirts & Ties. Not all men have the best taste in style. rather than complementary. One combination that is fool proof is a mid-blue shirt, and a burgundy tie with a navy suit. neutral suits in navy, grey or charcoal. White shirts give you the maximum versatility when choosing a tie to match. Regardless of any tie patterns or texture. Find Designer suits from the Sale department at Debenhams. Shop a wide range of Sale products and more at our online shop today. Suit Trousers (1) Ties (1) Category. Suits (155) Suit Accessories (2) Gender. Male (157) Brands. Burton (157) Burton 1904 Abel Pink Waistcoat* £10.00 (Save 80%) £50.00. Burton Plus and Tall Slim Grey Pow. Would recommend charcoal gray, or navy suits for an interview. Blue, Yellow, red ties all work. As someone said, red does showcase bold. On the suits, wear solids (no pattern) if you are on the bulkier side; If short, a pinstripe gives the illusion of height. On shirts, as multiple folks have pointed out, blue and white are perfect

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This page contains a list of clothing Franklin Clinton can own or buy in Grand Theft Auto V. 1 Outfits 2 Suits 2.1 Full Suits 2.2 Suit Jackets 2.3 Suit Jackets, Buttoned 2.4 Suit Pants 2.5 Suit Vests 2.6 Ties 3 Casual Jackets 3.1 Jackets 3.2 T-Shirts 4 Earrings 5 Glasses 5.1 Sports.. Herringbone Vow Azalea Tie. $ 22. Pointed Tip Knit Eggplant Tie. $ 25. Monarch Floral Purple Tie. $25. $12.50. extra 25% off with code sale25. Knitted Lavender Tie Men's bow ties have once again risen in popularity to become a must-have accessory for modern gentlemen. This choice of unique neckwear sets you apart from those who wear the necktie standard. Our wide selection of high-quality self-tied and pre-tied styles gives you plenty of ways to express yourself. read more

The Dean Effect: STYLE ICON: DRAKEGrey check suit and blue tie and shirt | Grey check suitHeather Grey 'Twilight' Tuxedo | Tuxedos & Suits13 Different Ties To Wear With a Blue Suit - He Spoke Style