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Niedrige Preise, Riesen-Auswahl. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Pet Allergy Quiz More than half of U.S. households include a member of the dog or cat family. Yet, millions of people suffer from pet allergies. Take this quiz to test your knowledge about popular myths as well as coping strategies related to pet allergies Allergic to Pets? True or False A Pet-related Allergy Quiz The following pet allergy quiz is excerpted from Allergic to Pets? The Breakthrough Guide to Living with the Animals You Love by Shirlee Kalstone, ©2006, published by Bantam Dell, Division of Random House, Inc., New York, N.Y About This Quiz. Your loveable pet may bring joy, warmth and friendship in your life. And that very same pet may be causing you or someone you know to experience nasty, annoying and unrelenting allergies. Read More

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A skin-prick test can be used to identify the cause of an allergic reaction. If a doctor thinks that a person may be allergic to dogs, they will refer them to an allergist. In most cases, an.. Smellephant's Food Allergy Quiz For Kids. Take Smellephant's Food Allergy Quiz for Kids and find your score, learn, and have fun! What Dog Breed Does Your Personality Match With Quiz What Dog Breed Does Your Personality Match With Quiz . Quiz What Religion Am I? Quiz . Creed Movie Quiz Creed Movie Quiz . Of Mice And Men Quotes Quiz. Keeping Your Pet With Allergies . If you decide to keep your pet, it's important to understand that whoever is allergic to the pet will likely continue to have at least some allergy symptoms (or at least require more allergy medication than if the pet wasn't there) If all other alternatives fail to help your allergic reactions, it may be time to book a consultation with an allergist who can prescribe an antihistamine to help with your dog allergies. A daily dose of allergy medications may help alleviate your allergies, but you will still need to try and limit your contact as allergy medications don't.

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Answer These Questions And We'll Guess What You're Allergic To. Achoo! by flufflezzz. Community Contributor. 540 points. Create a post and earn points! Learn more. Approved and edited by BuzzFeed. What if you could actually be a dog? You may have never thought of that before-or have you? Well, I'm gonna admit something to you: I have! You know why? Because there's nothing better than being a dog! Take our fun 10 question quiz to find out which dog you would be! And What Dog Am I Quiz: Just like humans, each dog has its own personality. Beagles are gentle and playful, while Rottweilers are self-confident and independent. Take this quiz to find out what kind of dog you are How Bad Are Your Allergies? Tell us a little about your symptoms in this short 60-second quiz. START. Fill in all required fields. Information on this website is provided for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice of a certified health care professional

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Similar to human allergy shots, this treatment uses minute amounts of the substance the dog is allergic to so the dog's body can build up a tolerance to the allergen. You could also consider relieving by buying itch-relief shampoo, like our Organic Aloe Vera Dog Shampoo or Organic Dog Soap Infused with Avens Oat Straw Allergies to dogs are caused by dog dander. All dogs shed dander continuously 1. Dander is the microscopic bits of hair and skin that have a protein-based oil secretion on them. Because the dander varies slightly from one dog to another, it is possible for a person to have an allergic reaction to one dog and not another, even if it is the same. 1 - My weight is where I want it to be. Add up your score using the numbers to the left of your responses. Check your score here to determine if you would benefit from trying a food intolerance test. If your total is 25 to 40: Your responses indicate that you may have unexplained symptoms that make you feel sick To Answer Your Question, Am I Allergic to My Dog? If you suspect you're allergic to your dog, the most official way to go about it would be to get an allergy test. A doctor pricks or scratches your skin with the potential allergen and if you have a reaction, you're allergic So, if you have an issue with pollen and a pet allergy, reducing exposure to the pollen might be enough to keep your dog allergy symptoms at bay. Plus, allergy tests have come a long way

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Dogs are all that is good and lovely and cuddly. They force you to exercise, and they make you produce happy hormones like oxytocin and dopamine when you cuddle them, which reduces blood pressure, improves your heart health, and thus stops you dying. They reduce the odds your kids will develop allergies. They protect your home - for free Correct Answer: Correct! Cat allergies are twice as common as dog allergies. They're also the most common cause of pet allergies. Nice try! Cat allergies are twice as common as dog allergies. They. This quiz can help you identify potential signs of allergic itch in your dog. You can use your results to start a conversation with your vet or schedule an appointment for evaluation. Also, by taking the quiz, you'll be helping more than just your dog—we'll donate $1 on your behalf to the K-9 Courage program. Dogs are fantastic, and they make amazing pets. However, you can be allergic to your dog. Some allergies are manageable, and you can have your furry friend around you. An allergy is your immune system's reaction to something that isn't actually dangerous. Allergies are quite common. People are allergic to various things like dog hairs, saliva, dirt, pollen, etc. 15 to 20 Based on your answers we suggest any of the following tests. They will help you to uncover any foods that may be affecting you. The higher the test number, the more comprehensive the test. If you're still unsure about which test is most suitable for you, feel free to give us a call now on (02) 9261 0688

The allergy test is simple and painless - read my experience getting allergy tested. Most allergists test for a panel of allergens (so many people are allergic to multiple things). For example, I was tested for almost 100 allergens and reacted positive to most Pet Allergy: Are You Allergic to Dogs or Cats? Allergies to pets with fur are common, especially among people who have other allergies or asthma. In the United States, as many as three in 10 people with allergies have allergic reactions to cats and dogs. Cat allergies are about twice as common as dog allergies

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To avoid dust mites -- and allergy symptoms -- wash bed linens once a week in hot water, between 130 and 140 F. If you keep your water heater set lower, you could wash your bedding at a laundromat. Ways to Reduce Allergens in Dogs If you have dog allergies and have a dog or plan on visiting a dog that you may be allergic to, there are ways to reduce your risk of having an allergic reaction. Allergy shots and medications can help control symptoms, but there are proactive measures you can take as well. To lower the amount of dander a pet carries, bathe the dog once or twice a week and wipe. Help! I'm Allergic to My Pet. All dogs and cats produce saliva, urine and dander that carry the allergens causing sufferers to sniffle, sneeze and wheeze. When Kathryn Primm's allergist broke the news to her that she was allergic to dogs, cats and horses, she says she started to cry. What am I going to do? she asked Therefore when someone tells you a hypoallergenic dog won't cause you to have an allergic reaction, what they should tell you is, a hypoallergenic dog is ' relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.' Myth #2: I'm Allergic to Dog Hair. Most people who suffer with dog allergies assume that they are allergic to the dog's hair.

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  1. Allergy Quiz! Take our quiz to see if your symptoms might be related to an allergy. Please note that this quiz is no substitute for a medical consultation. Start The Quiz. please note: Your health care provider will be able to advise you on any necessary follow-up action
  2. Dont have an allergy and curious to know what it would be if you had one? Click here and maybe you'll find out! ;
  3. This quiz is not particularly easy, but if you know your breeds, you'll do great! We have included everything from very common dog breeds to breeds that are difficult to even pronounce. From Labrador Retrievers to Kooikerhondjes, we've included a wide variety to test your knowledge. Who knows, maybe your dog is on this quiz

Perfect Dog For Me Quiz. Aww, are you looking for a canine companion? All dogs are great dogs but some fit our lifestyles better than others. Might as well start off on the same page, right? Use this quiz to find your perfect dog! STAR A genetic sensitivity to gluten test offers the greatest degree of accuracy and when combined with a patient's history and examination, identifying the need to go gluten free can be determined early and accurately. Gluten-Free Society offers genetic testing and educational services about gluten such as how common gluten intolerance is

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What Dog Am I Quiz: Just like humans, each dog has its own personality. Beagles are gentle and playful, while Rottweilers are self-confident and independent. Take this quiz to find out what kind of dog you are Dream dog quiz! 10 Questions - Developed by: Harmony - Developed on: 2020-09-19 - 9,777 taken - User Rating: 2.0 of 5 - 5 votes - 51 people like it Welcome to the dream dog quiz where you will find out what's your dream dog, or at least get an idea of what dog you want Tiffany White. Humor/Cute Editor. It takes a certain kind of person to name their dog Tony Bark or Anne Bowwowleyn. But before you name your dog Captain Wigglebottom, take our quiz to find out what you should really name your dog. Also, don't forget to browse our full list of awesome (and occasionally ridiculous) dog names in full below

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Find your dog match. Dogtime's Dog Selector makes finding the best dog or puppy for you easy. Our dog breed selector quiz has been matching dogs to people since 2007 A dog is man's best friend — that is, unless the man is allergic to his dog. Pet allergies are common in the United States. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America , 15 to 30. Newsround - Quiz: Which dog are you? Which breed of fluffy pup would you be if you were a dog? Take the quiz and comment below to let us know! because I am sooo hiper. 0. H. Comment posted by. If you are allergic to your pet and your reactions aren't life-threatening, there are many ways to reduce indoor allergens and allergy symptoms so you and your pet can live together more comfortably. If your or a family member's allergies are simply miserable, but not life-threatening, take these five steps to reduce the symptoms: 1

Personality quizzes like the What kind of person am I? quiz can offer us an in-depth look into our character and nature. But keep in mind that quizzes are just for fun. This is not a psychological nor scientifically proven method of finding out who you are. With that said, have fun and share your result with your friends and family. More Quizzes However, you're more likely to develop a pet allergy if allergies or asthma runs in your family. Being exposed to pets at an early age may help you avoid pet allergies. Some studies have found that children who live with a dog in the first year of life may have better resistance to upper respiratory infections during childhood than kids who don. Take our quiz to get a better idea of what might be making you stuffed up! This quiz won't count as a doctor's note - so remember - if you are suffering from cold or allergy symptoms you can receive a diagnosis and treatment plan from a board-certified MeMD medical provider - all from the comfort of your home or office Some of the proteins are in your dog's saliva. The most common pet allergen is a lipocalin called Can f 1. About 70% of people with a dog allergy have a sensitivity to this protein. It comes from the epithelial cells in the tongue and passes to the dander through saliva Yes, you can be allergic to milk, though it is thought to be a rare allergy. A lot of milk allergies turn out to be lactose intolerance when formally diagnosed. However, milk allergies can certainly exist and can range in severity. There are a few symptoms that you can expect. •Colic: This is a common sign — if not the most common sign.

Symptoms of non-celiac gluten sensitivity Researchers are still trying to discover the exact biological cause of gluten intolerance condition, known as NCGS. There's no test that can diagnose you with NCGS. It's diagnosed in people who experience symptoms after eating gluten but test negative for wheat allergy and celiac disease.Let's have a try to find out that you are gluten intolerant or not Allergic reactions to cats, dogs and other furry animals are caused by proteins found in flecks of the pets' skin, called dander, as well as in their saliva and urine. These tiny proteins can hang suspended in the air for a long time, settle in furniture, rugs and house dust that circulates throughout your home My one dog hs food allergies but my other dog has environmental allergies which means wether dust grass or who knows what gets him going. The food allergy is kinda of easy, do not give him beef and he is fine. My other odg went down teh vet guided road of Benedryl, steriods etc. None of it really worked and had awful side effects Animal Planet's dog breed questionnaire will help you find the right adoptable dog breed for you! Visit Animal Planet's dog breed selector to learn more! Animal Planet. tv-shows tv-schedules petsource wild animals games video blogs roar newsletters shop See all breeds A-Z See all breeds by AKC Group.

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  1. I am allergic to cats, ­­­­_____ I have three of them. A. and B. yet C. so D. or - Grammar Quiz
  2. If necessary, following this kind of test, your dog can be prescribed regular allergy injections. Unfortunately, it's a slow moving process that takes up to six to nine-months to even start seeing results. The good news is that these kind of allergy shots have an 80% success rate and should be considered a real option for staffy owners that.
  3. An allergy sound much more plausible. The dog's saliva contains proteins that in cases like yours are allergens your body detects as a threat and reacts. The reaction is similar to one of the inflammation and the rash is one of the symptoms. However, because the dog's saliva can be transferred to the dog's hair, I am surprised that you are.
  4. It has been estimated that there are over 70 million dogs in the United States alone and that perhaps as many as 40% of U.S. households have a pet dog. Their..
  5. Allergies for love - Brittany Smith, 23, is allergic to animal fur, but that doesn't stop her from being with her beloved Samoyed breed dog Lucky, whom she found at a rescue. I have never felt.

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  1. Symptoms and Causes. Allergies to horses have been reported for nearly a century, with most people experiencing respiratory symptoms such as allergic rhinitis and asthma as a result. In fact, 50% of people with exposure to horse barns report respiratory symptoms such as wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath. 2 
  2. Eating a little cat food probably won't harm your dog. But it's best to keep your dog away from chow that isn't theirs. Some dogs may vomit or get diarrhea if they eat cat food. Dogs and cats have different nutrition needs. Cat food is higher in fat, protein, and other nutrients. So don't feed cat food to dogs or dog food to cats
  3. The Rabbit Allergy. With rabbits, most people are allergic to a protein in their saliva or dander (skin cells)-not the fur! As the rabbit grooms, its saliva is spread over its body. Petting or touching a rabbit, then your face, spreads these proteins to sensitive areas such as your nose and eyes. If you do not have allergies, nothing will happen
  4. We created this quiz to help potential dog owners discover the breeds best-suited to them and their lifestyle. Your final result is influenced by a handful of factors like how much space you have, whether you have other pets or kids, how active you are, and certain characteristics that you're looking for in a dog
  5. My sister is allergic to almost all animals, and she loves them so much. So I can understand your desire to have pet. Even if you consult your doctor he will tell you what you probably know by yourself, there is no good solution with using medications and keeping the dog
  6. Am I Allergic to Cat Hair? To help you understand how these new treatments would work, let me quickly break down cat allergies. If you are amongst the 1 in 5 people worldwide who suffer a range of allergic symptoms when you're near a cat—or even near someone who has a cat—your allergies are actually NOT caused by the animal's fur

Test your knowledge with these difficult best friend questions. Once finished, give the answers to your friend to review to see how well you did! 1. What is your best friend's favorite color? 2. What was your best friend's most embarrassing moment? 3. Is your best friend allergic to anything? 4. Is your best friend a dog or cat person? 5 My boyfriend is extremely allergic to cats and needs a fur-free home. I've had my 8-year-old cat his whole life. I love him, and this breaks my heart, but I am considering finding him a new home. I already have two guinea pigs, Thunder and Lightning, but I am thinking of getting rid of them. My cat tends to hate them,and they make me really stressed according to my mom. I'm questioning if I still want them. Are You Allergic to Your Pet? Breathe Easy—You Can Still Keep Your Animal Companion! Although many people have discovered the beneficial effects of caring for a furry friend, the fact remains that roughly 15 to 20% of the population is allergic to animals

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Yes, I'll work with a service dog organization and work with them to help fundraise a dog for myself. And then I can pay for the rest of the dog's life living with me ($1,295/year). I won't need a service dog, so any nice pup can do (shelter, etc.). And of course, I can pay for the rest of the dog's life living with me ($1,295/year) Bringing your bouncing ball of fur home from the pound. But she needs a name, and it can't be just any old moniker. It has to be just like her: perfect in every way with tons of personality. Here, six questions to determine what you should name your four-legged companion. RELATED: Quiz: What's the Best Dog Breed for Your Family You might look a bit grumpy, but you're just a crumpled up ball of fun! You are a: Labrador! You're enthusiastic about everything, including school dinners! You are a: Chihuahua! You're a bit of a diva, but good fun to be around. You are a: Dachshund! You're shaped like a sausage and basically a four-legged party! Re-take the Quiz Take This Quiz to Find Out How Well Bonded You and Your Dog Are . This quiz reveals the strength of your bond! By Steve Duno. Email this page. 1. Email this page. Add a comment. Your name * E-mail * The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Comment * CAPTCHA Choosing between these fluffy, cute puppies is the hardest test you'll ever take. We forgive you if you just want to look at the super cute dog photos though

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I used www.dogtime.com which asked more of personality type questions and then I tried www.selectsmart.com which was more of dog selector based on my answers. Keep reading to see what they came up for me! Using Hypoallergenic Dog Breed Selector Dogtime breed quiz. Dogtime has a dog breed selector quiz which asks a bunch of qualifying questions daily coughing/phlegm (but not constant) and dog allergies. ks1968. About 3 months ago, I got a puppy. Shortly after that, I began experiencing a sore throat off and on for about 2 weeks (I think); then I had a daily dry cough. About 1 week after having the daily dry cough, I went to my doctor and he said that it was allergic bronchitis and I. Our Dog Breed Selector can help you to determine which type of dog you should get! Make the quiz to see which dog is right for you! The test will show you the 5 best dog breeds that match for you. It is free and easy to use

The allergist pricks your skin with a needle containing a minute amount of the dog danger allergen. After the prick, he observes the skin reaction to determine the level of allergy. While testing for dog allergy, it is a good idea to test for other allergens, such as mold and pollen, to rule out dog allergy. Dogs may carry pollen and grass. Paws. Rear end. Stomach. Skin issues: Hives, also known as urticaria, may pop up 6 to 24 hours after your dog eats the food they are allergic to. If your dog has short hair, these itchy red bumps are easier to see. Otherwise, you may have to feel for them. In cats, skin irritation may take longer to see

Which Dog Is Right for You? There's more to choosing a pet than just which one is the cutest. Find out which dog breed best matches your personality. Mar 14, 2015 My dog drinking water , my brother making out with his girlfriend, my step father slurrping cerial my other brother talking with his mouthful the dogs excessively barking , water being poured in glass . I am allergic to baby noises and my some sounds my sister makes and chewing gums up to the extent that I tell them to shutup and borderline. Help! I think I'm allergic to my new puppy! I'm not sure if this is the place to post this, but I need some advice. On Friday I picked up my precious little Jaxon, an 8 week old French bulldog. Everything has been okay with him except occasional hives. Today, however, I just broke out into numerous hives on my chest and arms There are actually 15! Although it's not that simple. It can change depending on the breed or size of a dog, but a good rule is that a 1-year old dog is the equivalent to a 15-year-old person - although better behaved/smelling. After the age of one, there isn't really a way of comparing! 6) Image. 6)Oldest dog Your family, friends, and social group are a significant influence on the way you express yourself. Fear of rejection is vital in all. You cannot merely show an Am I gay test result to your family and be done. First of all, you have to accept your sexuality and determine how comfortable you feel about sharing it with others

In which case, just make sure to get latex-free condoms. 2. Saliva. Kissing is a dangerous act when you have severe allergies. You could be allergic to your partner's saliva! Saliva allergies are. Whether you are looking for signs to put your dog to sleep or signs to put your dog down, know there are reasons to put your dog down and that doing so when your dog's quality of life diminishes is the most humane thing you can do. There's no magic number to determine when to put your dog down due to old age Test for checking out if you are allergic to cats. Skin test and blood tests is the most used test for checking out allergies. Sometimes allergy tests do not provide accurate result to the doctors, so doctors also recommend the individuals to live without cats for some time to see how it affects the allergies or does it cause any difference to your symptoms or not Test your skills. Includes a wide variety of dog category questions. Purebred Dog Picture Quiz! View a picture of a purebred dog and guess what breed it is. I am a Picture Quiz! View a picture of a mixed breed dog and guess what breeds make up the mix. Mixed Breed Dog Picture Quiz! View a picture of a mixed breed dog and guess what name the. A saliva allergy is a medical condition involving a negative immune system reaction, normally of the skin, that occurs when a person comes in contact with saliva. The problem is most commonly associated with pets and animals, although some people have asserted cases of reactions to human saliva, as well. Doctors and veterinarians believe that a.

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  1. The bottom line is to get all the information you can before making a decision. Some pets seem to trigger fewer allergies, and some breeds of dogs and cats are also anecdotally more acceptable to allergy sufferers. Don't rely on Dr. Google in choosing such a pet, or in treating your allergies. A pet-friendly allergist is a must
  2. Allergies can best be described as: A Sneezing, itching, watery eyes, scratchy throat. B An overreaction from the immune system to a foreign substance. C The onset of a cold during spring months. D A reaction to the influenza virus during spring months. Your answer is incorrect
  3. Allergies are for sure strange. I am not normally allergic to cats -- I have two, and I'm fine -- but one of my sister's cats makes my eyes itch and swell up. And the sneezing and itching! Her other cats have never bothered me. It really depends on the cat, and the person. You could try a short visit to see how your friend react to your cats
  4. I am not fond of dogs, and I am allergic to them. These people bring their dog EVERYWHERE: funerals, weddings, church, shopping. So the pet dander and dog-centric in-laws aren't your problem.
  5. It is possible to all of a sudden become allergic to cats. Various types of allergies, including allergies to cats, can develop at any time throughout your life. The good news is that, in most cases, you and your doctor will be able to come up with treatment options that allow you to continue living with your cats without dealing with constant.

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  1. My dog was prescribed Posatex otic solution for an ear infection. This medication contains Orbifloxacin (a flouroquinolone). I, myself, read more. DR HASAN. Consultant. Post-Doctoral Degree. 1,270 satisfied customers. I'm wondering if I might be allergic to cats and dogs..Last. I'm wondering if I might be allergic to cats and dogs..Last.
  2. My allergist has helped me by addressing my environment and the allergy shots, which I've been getting for 4 years, have reduced my allergy symptoms by 65%. I can finally breathe through my nose, I experience less fatigue, and fewer rashes. Conclusion. Dust mite allergies affect people in different ways
  3. What Dog Breed Are You? Are you soft and fluffy, or loyal and adventurous? Answer these 12 questions to find out what dog breed you would be! Which Dog Breed are You. Do you ever wonder which dog breed are you? What makes you match up with a particular dog breed? Find out what dog breed am I? by taking our dog breed quiz
  4. Take a dog breed selector quiz with PEDIGREE®. Our fun and easy-to-use Select-A-Dog® tool makes it easy to find perfect dog that best matches your lifestyle
  5. If you choose to keep Bunker, there are some steps you can take to decrease the exposure to allergens: 1. Have someone without pet allergies wash your dog regularly to reduce build-up of dander
  6. 573 Posts. #11 · Oct 25, 2011. My son has a severe allergy to dogs and horses! We spent a long time at the breeders with my son [he was fine] and took Treacle knowing that she could be returned to the breeder. After 2 weeks of asthma free - we thought we were fine and dandy - but then he started wheezing

Question #7: Some dog breeds, such as Chihuahuas, are better for people with asthma and allergies. Answer to Question #7. FALSE. It is the protein found in the pet's saliva, dander, hair, and urine that causes allergies in some individuals. All pets with fur or feathers have dander and urine Diagnosis. Your doctor may suspect a pet allergy based on symptoms, an examination of your nose, and your answers to his or her questions. He or she may use a lighted instrument to look at the condition of the lining of your nose. If you have a pet allergy, the lining of the nasal passage may be swollen or appear pale or bluish What dog breed are you quiz. If you are a dog person and you are curious about knowing which breed is very close to your personality, then you are in the right place. All you need to do is to answer a few simple questions of this accurate dog breed quiz. In this quiz, you will answer some simple questions about your personality, habits. Visit Animal Planet now to take the dog breed quiz and find out. Animal Planet. tv-shows tv-schedules petsource wild animals games video blogs roar newsletters shop What size dog are you interested in? Tiny (up to 11 pounds) Small (12 - 22 pounds) Medium (23 - 44 pounds) Large (45 - 88 pounds) Extra large (89 - 140 pounds-plus) Not important. I think I am allergic to my potbelly pigs dander. Ive been. 8 YR old female housecat has started to have an excessive. 8 YR old female housecat has started to have an excessive licking of her hair all over her body. This started about 2-3 wks ago but she has no insect infestation of any kind and is starting to seem sl read more