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If you have the fortitude, building your own greenhead honey hole duck pond is the way to go. Not long ago, a retired duck-hunting friend bought a small parcel of land with a lake. He was going to spend the golden years fishing for monster rock quarry bass, but soon discovered the previous owners had started a piping system to flood adjacent ag. Make Your Own Duck Hunting Honeyhole By John N. Felsher A swirling black cloud appeared over the horizon above the seemingly endless grass. Soon, the swarm broke into numerous black specters. Before long, we recognized the fast-beating wings of teal heading directly for us at high speed. No How big of a pond do you need for duck hunting? Typically $2,000-$10,000 will get you a ½-3 acre pond. Any size in that range is ample to attract ducks and geese and hold plenty of fish for great angling sport

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After checking the regulations and getting permits, clear out an area large enough for about a three or five acre depression about three to ten feet deep. Dig the pit and remove the dirt to nearby places to allow for mounds and depressions for plant growth. The banks need to be dug to allow for growth of water and bog type plants It didn't take long to realize that those training ponds also drew in waterfowl and that I could put in a little sweat equity and truly turn my ground into duck hunting land. If you're sitting on a property that you think holds the potential to be prime duck hunting land, there is truly only one starting point - your local game agency Simple Waterfall Backyard Duck Pond If you want an easily installed pond, you can try this backyard duck pond ideas. You can make it by simply putting a poly stock tank into a dug hole then covering the edge with rocks. However, you need to measure the pond well so it can rest perfectly in the hole The pond should be deep on one end and shallow on the other. Most ducks are dabblers and prefer shallow water to feed. Teal only need a few inches, just enough to set down on the water. For other ducks 6 to 18 inches of water depth is sufficient and 24 inches should be the max for most waterfowl to feed Go longer than wide with your duck pond, or whatever shape appeals to you. Duck ponds don't need to be very deep and a depth 18″-24″ should be fine to keep most ducks and geese happy. A beach entry should be created for easy in and out of the pond. A shallow shelf is suggested to a depth of 6″-8″

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  1. 404 Permit. Developing a project on a floodplain is going to require a 404 permit which states this key point; Section 404 of the Clean Water Act regulates the discharge of dredged or fill material into waters of the United States, including wetlands (this includes fill for development and water resource projects such as dams and levees)
  2. Manipulating a planted crop and hunting waterfowl over it constitutes baiting, which is illegal. However, land managers can cut or disk native vegetation. Most people like to use 30 to 40 percent of the water surface area to create landing zones for ducks. If in doubt, consult the local authorities
  3. Hunting a beaver pond starts with finding the right one. Young ponds and flooded swamps are a hunter's best bet, because rich, flooded soils produce a flush of edible plants, from duckweed to.

Oct 23, 2015 - Making your own duck hunting ponds. The how to information. Oct 23, 2015 - Making your own duck hunting ponds. The how to information. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures Ducks prefer small ponds like yours to have a roughly 50/50 mix of vegetated and open water areas. Most of the small ponds the nearby wildlife refuge uses for holding ducks during hunting season use a flash-board riser system so that they can control water level just by adding and removing 2x4s

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Here is an easy way to build a duck pond in your backyard. To this end, they'll sometimes provides pond owners with a nesting box specifically designed for this species. Hunting blinds can be made with natural materials straight from the woods or with synthetic material bought in a store. A shallow shelf is suggested to a depth of 6″-8″ Here is an easy way to build a duck pond in your backyard. The beauty of this particular design is that the materials are cheap or free. Starting with a kiddie plastic pool and creating a drain hole, you can have a drainable, cleanable and refillable pool that works perfectly The problem hunters face when scouting small ponds is that seeing a pond covered in ducks in the evening often means they will be using another pond or field to feed in the morning. I have had great success hunting small ponds between 8 a.m. and noon, and similarly from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., says DU Media Relations Biologist Mike Checkett

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DUCKWEED OF COURSE..... I helped set up a duck hunting farm around Chico one season...biggest draw to the ducks was the BIG LAKE...huge amount of water for birds to roost on over night...and be shot off during the day.....but there were many pieces of water to hunt over....flowing water thru shallow areas make for perfect growing and hunting situations....say 50 square yards of water deep. Construction costs vary widely depending on the topography, soil, and size pond you plan to build. Typically $2,000-$10,000 will get you a ½-3 acre pond. Any size in that range is ample to attract ducks and geese and hold plenty of fish for great angling sport Spread your decoys out like you would on any other duck hunt. Keel-less floating decoys will be perfect to make it look like they are floating and complete the illusion. Dig up chunks of tall grass and drop them roots and all on the tarp to give it better appeal and add to the illusion. Get ready to start calling and blasting

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This video is about how to keep migrating ducks on your land and duck holes for successful hunts throughout your season. https://www.divebombindustries.com M.. Hunting a beaver pond starts with finding the right one. Young ponds and flooded swamps are a hunter's best bet, because rich, flooded soils produce a flush of edible plants, from duckweed to wild. Learn the Habits of the Ducks. If you learn how the ducks act in the local area, you should be able to reap a full bounty by staking out local ponds and small water areas. The typical mallard will feed early in the day and then relocate to a different area until it is hungry again. In many cases, these resting spots are local ponds or. Learn to make this quick decoy duck pond you can deploy anywhere you feel the need using these detailed steps that'll improve your waterfowl hunting. Article by Jared Hiatt. 404. Duck Hunting Blinds Duck Hunting Gear Quail Hunting Waterfowl Hunting Turkey Hunting Archery Hunting Hunting Stuff Crossbow Hunting Dove Hunting Tips

Just as deer hunters do, a lot of duck hunters plant food plots for ducks. An excellent choice when it comes to what to plant is Golden Millet. Corn, which is often the go to plant in food plots for ducks, needs to be planted in the Spring and can cost upward of $400 an acre. It could be in the ground for over 6 months before the season begins How to Flood a Field for Duck Hunting- DIY Pond. There's nothing more pleasing for a duck hunter than a field full of ducks. But it requires a lot of effort, planning, and patience to build that type of field. We assure you that what we are about to share, is going to have a great impact on your duck hunting as soon as you implement them

When excessive hunting activity scares ducks from a pond and prevents population buildup (ducks are gregarious), reducing the frequency of hunting at a pond can help increase duck numbers. 3. Add duck food plants. Adding a previously unavailable duck food or increasing the diversity of foods can attract more ducks Ducks Unlimited staff often can help coordinate funding or provide technical assistance in seeking grant funding. Certain grant sources require matching dollars in order to access grant funds. Remember, the purpose of a manmade duck pond is to mimic a natural environment and, in turn, encourage waterfowl and other wildlife Fight the Ice on Your Next Duck Hunt. For some duck hunters, ice is a plague. A hard freeze can ruin a hunt and create hardships faster than just about anything. It can shoo ducks farther down the flyway. It can transform once-realistic decoys into motionless blobs. Ice can wreak havoc on blinds and spreads So many land owners are closer to a waterfowl hot spot than they realize. If you have a beaver pond, low area that floods, or a spot that you can regulate the water level with the use of a pump and blocking a culvert, you can have awesome waterfowl hunting. Managing your property for another game species can dramatically increase its value, and duck hunting is a sport that can be enjoyed with. HOW TO BUILD A DIY DECOY POND FOR DUCK HUNTING by Alex Burton Who needs a real pond to hunt ducks from when you can recreate a fake one to place where ever you want? The biggest problem a lot of waterfowl hunters face is finding a water source to hunt over

There are many ins and outs and highs and lows when it comes to a project of this nature. Click on the images below to see videos of the action. Site Selection Day 1. Leveling Dirt. The whole process Video playlist. Installing Water Control Gate. Filling duck pond Part 1. Filling duck pond part 2. EPIC failure How to build a duck hunting pond. Mine needs manual rinsing every three days, but the system could clean itself if need be. Filtering a duck pond in an area less than a half acre would be futile imo.lol i would plumb it to make cleaning as easy as. April 12th 2015 duckling update. Choose a position where there is space to plant a border along. But Edgar's true passion was waterfowl hunting and he poured his time and resources into developing a duck hunting paradise in Prairie County, Arkansas. As the surrounding marshes were drained and forests cleared for agriculture, Edgar decided to manage his 11,000-acre property (Wingmead) for waterfowl We built a pond for our 4 geese. First we excavated a 8' diameter hole 2 1/2 feet deep with a shallow area 1 foot wide on one side. We installed a rubber pond liner and put sone flat granite rocks around the edge to define the edge

One can somewhat imprint ducks into an area or onto a particular pond if there is cover , food, protection and light pressure. Just make sure all of the corn or bait is gone X days before hunting (check w/ your local regs on the timeframe). Pile the corn in the pond! A grain trailer full of corn dumped in you pond!! Pond Dam Piping offers skimmers for sediment basins, a variety of pond liners, aerators & fountains, end wall sections from Hartman, outlet control structure devices for detention and retention ponds, flash board, flash board risers, valves, and everything for your pond, lake, water garden, koi pond, fish farm, dam, levee, dike, spillway and more Guide your duck-hunting future with lessons from Paul's Pond. A chocolate Labrador retriever brings back a mallard to a duck-hunting blind on Paul Sullivan's private-land pond near the McNary. With that in mind, you'll want to build your duck pond at least 15' away from commonly used walkways or sitting areas. Less fish/frogs/insects. Ducks are predators, and even hand-fed pet ducks will forage for about 75% of their diet. The upside of this means you'll have less pesky insects in your garden

6,054 Posts. #4 · Jan 28, 2018. We used to put about 500 lbs of corn out after the season. We decided that we were only imprinting the ducks to use our place after the season was over. That was our excuse to quit doing it because two or three of us got tired of doing the work for the whole group. 4 Tue Jul 24, 2018 7:58 am. Natural pond weeds (milfoil, hydrilla, duck potato etc..) all grow in water and will draw ducks. Plant rice in the shallow sections that get full sunlight (1-2' deep) and plant millet on the edges of the pond. Wood duck nesting boxes and mallard nesting boxes always help The first step in the process is to decide how large of a pond you would like for your ducks. Our pond is approximately 18ft X 21ft and 3ft deep at the deepest section. Ducks like to dive, so if you are going to make a large pond, make sure to make it deep enough for them to dive. I hand dug the shape of the pond and then my husband used the.

A duck blind can be as simple as a hunter dressed in camouflage laying in very tall grass by a duck pond. Sometimes hunters will paint their shotguns in a camouflage pattern and lie on their backs in the tall grass while using a duck call to lure the duck in within shooting range. This particular way of hunting does not protect the hunter from. There are many ways to locate mallards. A good way to begin is joining a hunting group, such as a local Ducks Unlimited chapter or duck-hunting club. Staying in contact with other hunters who target mallards will at some point result in an invitation to participate in a duck hunt. Another good way is to pay for a guided hunt So, here 7 ways to break ice for duck hunting techniques that you can use to win the game of duck hunting with frozen water. 7 Ways To Break Ice For Duck Hunting 1) Walk to Open a hole. One of the easiest ways to make a hole in the ice for duck hunting is to simply do it in your waders And, speaking of balance, one way to keep your duck pond clean is to regularly check the pH level of the water with a pH testing kit. The normal pH of a duck pond should be between 6.8 and 7.8.

However, if you want to hunt a roost pond, do it in the afternoon and evening, as ducks or geese return. You'll probably get one really good shoot from such a place, but then birds will abandon it for safer roosts. A word about hunting loafing ponds for geese: This is a great tactic, but make sure everything seems natural. You don't want to. Real ducks don't sit that way. For those hunting the same spot of water throughout the course of the duck season, changing things up is, as Galloway claims, an important, but oft-overlooked element for success. As the season processes, the VP says, I make sure I change my spread Size is important in a pond, but surprisingly small ponds can be rewarding to build and own. Things to consider include the lay of the land, the abundance of the water source, and how fat your wallet is! In some areas a one-third or half-acre pond may be all you can build before the change in elevation becomes too steep to increase the pond's. First of all, sometime before you go out duck hunting you need to scout out a good area where all of the ducks are landing. You have to make sure you know where the ducks will be going in the morning or night. You also need to have permission if it is private land. You need the right supplies for going duck hunting too. When you get out to the. There is a duck pond along the western edge that provides water for all game species and great duck hunting! This tract offers hog, deer, duck, turkey, and small game opportunities, making it a true year-round hunting property. The size of the property allows it to hold deer comfortably but is small enough to be manageable

Ponds with the best chance of attracting waterfowl have some common characteristics: 1. Ponds close to an established waterfowl population . A. As the established population expands, ducks and geese will be looking for a new home. They usually head for the closest suitable habitat. 2. Ponds that are lightly grazed or ungrazed The foundation of the blind begins with specially manufactured, dock-supporting floats. Handy hunters have saved money by using 55 gallon drums, but because they are round and do not have built-in attachment points to mount a duck blind frame, you must be skilled in welding to make them float the blind evenly Here are five tricks. Scout Covertly. The best places to find wood ducks include beaver ponds, sloughs, forested backwaters and oak-lined portions of creeks. In the southern United States, flooded timber and swamps along river systems are especially productive. Your goal is not only to find the birds, but to avoid detection

Midday scouting on ponds and lakes can lead to great afternoon hunting. Travel light, just boots, shotgun and shells, and a small bag of decoys. Walk to the pond, jump ducks without shooting, toss out a dozen or so dekes, and shoot them when they come back to the pond Often that's just where the ducks want to be, for seclusion or food or both, and the only way to get there is to pack light and hike in. You don't need a boatload of gear and a complex strategy to kill ducks. Potholing is a great way to get started in duck hunting. And because the water is small and shallow, you can even do it without a dog On a small pond or creek, a dozen or so regular decoys, or even small teal decoys will work just fine. DECOY TIPS: 1. Match duck decoys to the species you are hunting (don't use mallard dekes to hunt brant or eiders) In addition, there are plans in 2014 by Eagle County to improve the parking area, build a boat launch/take out, construct duck hunting blinds and install signage. In an effort led by the Land Trust and Vail Resorts Echo in September 2013, a large scale volunteer project prepared the property for future public use

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  1. The duck pond is just above the tank in the lower left (under an apricot) and the infiltration path/trench it feeds is the worm-like thing curving up and around under the fruit trees. Click for larger view. The Site-Specific Design Solution
  2. 3. Get 'Em With Geese Sometimes the best duck decoy is a goose. Goose decoys are big, and the contrast of their black-on-white coloring makes them highly visible. Best of all, hungry ducks actively search for geese, aware that where there are geese, there is food. Rusty Burnham of Avery Outdoors recommends this goose spread to target field ducks
  3. It sounds like the ducks are roosting on the open ponds and feeding on the one with cover. My pick would be choose one of the open ponds to shoot opening morning. Use a layout blind if need be. Feed the other two ponds. Don't disturb the ducks off the pond they mainly use during the day at all if it can be helped and don't feed it
  4. When it comes to finding a duck hunting kayak, stability may just be the most important aspect. Considering when duck hunting the fall temperatures can be very cool as is the water temperature. If you don't have a stable kayak and decide to go deep into a thick marsh, or ponds you may find your self in a poor situation
  5. READ ALSO: How To Build A Duck Hunting Pond Brand All urgent care group fresh pond rd middle village ny ronit orlanski pa komal who was very clean and emergency services we provide you and a great experience at one convenient just to personalize ads that you may see

Need Info on Flooding Field for Crawfish/Duck Hunting Pond Posted by Ambassador on 2/25/11 at 5:44 pm. 0 0. Please see the attached google satellite image. LINK If you look at the area between the Cheniere Dam Road and Lan Road, you will see a field that is bordered by Lan Road, canals cut from Cheniere Lake, and two stands of trees. I am. Stock ponds are small, man-made impoundments that serve as a water supply for livestock or aid in soil conservation and flood control. A few are designated for recreational fishing. Savvy waterfowl hunters are finding they make great duck magnets. There are about 600,000 stock tanks of less than 40 acres dotting the interior landscape of Texas. Let's take a look at duck decoy basics, considerations for a new hunter, and some truths about duck decoys taken from decades of experience in the field. Puddle Ducks. For the purposes of this how-to we will consider puddle duck hunting. Puddle ducks, or dabbling ducks, are the most commonly pursued duck by hunters in North America Hunting from a blind with the wind in your face is the worst option because most ducks will come in from behind you, allowing for the shortest reaction time. Sometimes, however, you must make do with the conditions available and build the blind where it blends the best, regardless of wind direction If you want the ducks to stop moving and create confusion, try using a decoy. We cannot say it becomes a piece of cake, but duck hunting with a crossbow is challenging, yet fun. The toughest part of duck hunting with a bow is to get the birds to commit to the decoys. Once it sets down properly, a clean shot is possible. Set-up for duck BowHunting

2. Draw a long, curved line from the head down to the side for the duck's body. Starting from the left side of the duck's head, make a swooping line to create the duck's chest. Draw another line from the right side of the duck's head to make the duck's back, then connect the lines in a point for the duck's tail Colorado Parks and Wildlife is a nationally recognized leader in conservation, outdoor recreation and wildlife management. The agency manages 42 state parks, all of Colorado's wildlife, more than 300 state wildlife areas and a host of recreational programs. CPW issues hunting and fishing licenses, conducts research to improve wildlife management activities, protects high priority wildlife.

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Rody Best, one of the most accomplished Lab trainers in the country and owner of Best Retrievers, says that there's no better way to do this than with live ducks. If you can, a pen-raised mallard with tied feet and clipped wings is ideal. Toss it into a small pond, and send the dog, Best said. The mallard is guaranteed to dive, which. Duck Bottom Plantation is an exclusive membership club located on the Wateree River near Camden, SC. This 1,500-acre plantation has been painstakingly converted into a world class outdoor club with refined services and amenities including a fabulous 6,000 sq. ft. lodge accommodating up to 14 guests, and an outdoor pavilion, both designed by Kathleen Rivers [ Get Good Hunting Equipment . Whether you are headed to an axis deer trophy hunting ranch or to a duck pond in Northern Wisconsin, your hunt will only be as good as your hunting equipment. Choose your hunting gun and ammunition based on the species that you intend to hunt This is a guide about making a duck pond. Raising backyard fowl is becoming quite popular. If you choose to have ducks they will need a some type of pond. Menu Ask a Question Share a Post Account Search. social. Making a Duck Pond. 2. Share. Save. Follow. Print. Flag. Craft: Stock Tank Duck Pond

You line the bottom of any area you want to hold water and it swells up to make a water tight bottom. Farmers have used it for years for water holding ponds. Dig a hole where you want the pond to be. Rototil bentonite into the soil as described by the manufacturer. Build the hole some where that water will drain to it How to build a duck hunting pond. Mine needs manual rinsing every three days, but the system could clean itself if need be. Filtering a duck pond in an area less than a half acre would be futile imo.lol i would plumb it to make cleaning as easy as. April 12th 2015 duckling update. Choose a position where there is space to plant a border along.

Waterfowl hunters have countless tricks and strategies for attracting ducks to their blinds. Some are smart and others seem downright crazy. Here are five duck hunting ideas that are a bit unusual, but they just might work. CREATE WATER. So your favorite lake or pond is frozen over, which means ducks will likely be avoiding your location If you're hunting rice or other wide open fields then this type of hunting is a lot more challenging. On the other hand, most duck hunters in the west have several options on where to hunt. I trade in the blind for a good old jump shooting day when it's super nasty and I have a blast and almost always come home with a few birds 50% - Japanese Millet. 25% - White Proso Millet. 10% - Buckwheat. 10% - Sorghum. (Content % or seed types subject to change) Plant Food Plot Seed near water sources that attract migratory birds. Plant along lakes, beaver ponds and swamp areas inhabited by ducks or used by ducks during their migratory season The third duck call on my lanyard isn't a traditional duck call at all, rather it's a whistle that I use to imitate the sounds of a drake mallard, wigeon, pintail, and green-winged teal. In some ways it may be the most effective call I own. I became a firm believer in using a whistle several years ago on an early season hunt in the Great.

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Pendleton's hunting program is dependent on hunters making safe, ethical, and legal choices. Please help the Game Wardens ensure hunting will continue for years to come by reporting unsafe, unethical, or illegal hunting. Boats: Boats are authorized for use in ponds to retrieve waterfowl and for use in designated Boat Zones. Eac Assembling-the-duck-blind. Attach the front and back walls to the floor of the duck blind. Align the edges with attention, making sure the edges are flush. Drill pilot holes through the bottom plates and insert 2 1/2″ screws into the floor frame. Diy-duck-blind-plans. This duck blind is the ideal project is you go for hunting and you need a. Attracting ducks to a particular area can be tricky and therefore certain actions can help to make an area, such as a pond, seem like a safe environment to the discriminating eye of waterfowl. Attracting ducks also means knowing how to appropriately use a duck call. There is a great variety of duck calls on the market Some of us grew up hunting like this by jump-shooting ducks on small ponds. But for those of us who don't have farm ponds to slip up on, there are other opportunities. Often these tight places are publicly accessible but ignored by most hunters. Each autumn I put a kayak into a small creek during the first duck season

see Paul's Ponds & more! See all the action at Burbank, plus enjoy the informational DVD packed with tips and 'how to' for duck and goose hunting success. Buy DVD Link 2 hour action packed DVD . Click on Cover for view of complete DVD cover wrap. 1. Why Choose Burbank Pressure from hunting makes ducks nocturnal, it moves ducks to other areas, and it can lower duck populations. Duck populations have dropped 20% in the last eight years. This year is likely not to improve those numbers. And yes, there are a lot of other factors that affect duck populations in Arkansas

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  1. 2. Ducks eat plants and can go through quite a few water hyacinths and water lilies in a season. Don't expect to keep ducks and beautiful water lilies together. 3. Ducks will eat or kill small koi (fish 4-5 inches in length would be in danger). 4. Ducks could become easy prey to cats, hunting dogs, hawks and eagles
  2. Wood duck, g-w teal, ring-necked duck, black duck Roanoke Island Marshes Roanoke Island Marshes (no hunting allowed on the posted impoundment) Dare Yes 2 Brackish marsh Black duck, g-w teal Roanoke River Wetlands (lower section) Conoho Farms Units A & B Martin Yes 2 Moist soil vegetation and flooded crop impoundments, natural swamp, beaver ponds
  3. Find yourself different spots to sit around the pond. The sun, wind, clouds, etc will dictate where the ducks want to land. There's no sense of making a permanent blind on a pond, only to find out that the ducks like to land somewhere else on a consistent basis
  4. Dig a trench around the edge of the pond for the overhanging pond liner to drop into. Place the liner carefully in the hole and tuck the edge into the trench; weigh it down with large rocks. Any extra excess liner can be snipped off with scissors. Step 4. Fill the bottom of the pond with the remaining sand
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  1. imum size of 2500 square feet (equal to a square with 50 foot long sides). Larger, irregularly shaped ponds are preferred. Shoreline features. A pond that has an irregular shoreline and many points and bays is more attractive to waterfowl and most other wildlife than a dugout with a straight.
  2. Adventure Recreation: Duck Creek Village is situated along the border of Dixie National Forest.Although Dixie National Forest consists of almost two million acres and is the largest national forest in Utah, Duck Creek Village is near the higher elevations of the Forest where the terrain boasts aspens, pine and spruce trees making up our breathtaking mountain landscape
  3. Duck migration patterns seem to shift and change constantly. Some constants hold true, however, and duck hunting seasons revolve around those. Ducks undertake massive migrations every autumn, vacating Northern areas as winter nears to find food and open water farther south — and making many stops along the way
  4. DECOYS: If your hunting consists of 'jump shooting' (ambushing ducks by stalking rivers, farm ponds, or ditches) you may not need decoys. But if you're trying to lure birds to a particular spot, decoys will often help, as they encourage passing birds to think the area is safe. Today's decoys are well-priced, durable, light, well-coloured.

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An A-frame duck blind includes some sort of snap-together tubing frame in the shape of a letter A on both ends. Horizontal crossbar framing along the front and back of the blind, generally six to ten feet long, make up the long sides of the blind. Fabric is stretched across the front and back of the frame to make a long, narrow blind that. Hunting Techniques Puddle ducks are generally hunted over decoys or by jump shooting. Because they generally feed in shallower waters, smaller ponds can be effective hunting areas. As with all hunting, preseason and in-season scouting can also have an effect on where to hunt and what method to use. Diving Ducks You can round out your duck pond with other native plants like milfoils, smartweed, duckweed, pondweeds, wild celery, coontail and others. You'll create the perfect habitat for ducks until they.

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For example, sea ducks typically stick to large waterbodies and coastal areas, while many puddle ducks stick to small lakes, ponds, and sloughs. Not surprisingly, wood ducks prefer wooded areas, so if you have several forested ponds, the flooded timber duck hunting might be spectacular. This is also true for southern hunts in flooded forests How to Build a Fishing and Hunting Pond. Gerald Almy for Pond Fishing & Management. Chances are if you're an outdoorsman and live on or own an acre or more of land, you've probably had the thought: why not build a pond? You could hunt ducks and geese on it in fall. It would attrac It also provides shelter from bad weather and predators. This area is managed to provide millet, corn, occasionally soybeans or left idle to come up with annual weeds as food source to keep ducks around longer. Duck hunting. Sweet Marsh Wildlife Area was developed in the 1950s as a stopover for ducks and has been popular with duck hunters ever. Mallard Duck Hunting Luncheon Napkins (16 Pack) Duck Pond Party Collection by Havercamp 4.6 out of 5 stars 2. $9.99. Only 12 left in stock - order soon. Oasis Supply Assorted Colors Cupcake/Cake Decorating Toppers, 3-Inch, Mallard Duck, Set of 4 4.3 out of 5 stars 22. $16.99.

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