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  1. Pigeon poop, or guano, is nitrogen rich, making it an excellent source of fertilizer. The use of pigeon guano as fertilizer continued throughout history up until the development of agribusiness that resulted in cheaper more efficient means of fertilizer
  2. An infection linked to pigeon droppings was a contributing factor in the death of a child at a Glasgow hospital, it has been confirmed. The child was being treated at the Queen Elizabeth..
  3. Synonyms for pigeon droppings include dung, ordure, manure, droppings, excrement, muck, fertiliser, fertilizer, compost and cowpats. Find more similar words at.
  4. However, pigeon poop does have it's uses! After having just waxed the car or washed the windows, our moment of supreme satisfaction is destroyed by a low flying, pooping, pigeon; it's happened to us all. While we've cursed their name and shouted empty threats, flinging stones in their general direction, they've nonchalantly taken flight wi
  5. also can be used as a verb* When you slightly vomit in your mouth in a small watery manner due too a burp, hick-up, yawn etc. we have ALL done this before :

Pigeon droppings are dirty, nasty, and disgusting and can bring dangerous parasites, ticks, bed bugs, lice, and even mites into your home. Their nutrient-rich poop, feathers, and debris have the growth of serious health risk disease-causing microorganisms and parasites Composition and properties Bird guano. Bird guano has high levels of nutrients like nitrate and ammonium.By mass, it is 8-21% nitrogen; the nitrogen content is about 80% uric acid, 10% protein, 7% ammonia, and 0.5% nitrate. Some of bird guano's most common chemical elements are phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium. It may react with the rocky substrate of islands like basalt to form authigenic.

Ingested pigeon poop can lead to several diseases in humans, such as; Salmonella (bacterial infection), Psittacosis (flu like illness), Diarrhea, Histoplasmosis (respiratory disease), to name a few. Pigeon poop carries pathogens that are harmful to humans when ingested Tippler pigeon, which is in the category of domestic pigeon breeds have originated around 1845. It is crossbred between Homing and Cumulet pigeon. They are mostly developed to participate in competitions. They are well trained, intelligent and known for their strength Cloaca of a male bird. A roseate spoonbill excreting urine in flight. Birds reproduce using their cloaca; this occurs during a cloacal kiss in most birds. Birds that mate using this method touch their cloacae together, in some species for only a few seconds, sufficient time for sperm to be transferred from the male to the female. For some birds. To most people, bird poop is just something they scrape off the windshield of their cars, but it's more important than we may think. In fact, droppings were once a very important commodity in the United States. Buying and selling bird poop is not as featherbrained as it may seem either. This stinky substance, referred to as bird guano, was sailed around the world during the 19th century to be.

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Histoplasmosis is a respiratory disease that may be fatal. It results from a fungus growing in dried bird droppings. Candidiasis is a yeast or fungus infection spread by pigeons. The disease. Colors . Healthy bird droppings can display an array of colors and still be considered normal. Your bird likely consumes many various types of fresh fruits and vegetables, a multitude of different seeds, and a variety of multi-colored pellets if you supplement your bird's meals with a commercially available diet.The food dyes in these pellets, combined with the natural colors of the fresh. Size: 2-6 cm. Hedgehog poo is the cutest of them all. Really, look at the picture; it looks like a Death Metal ladybug pupa. This shiny, clammy looking poo narrows down to one end. The hedgehog droppings are black enough to notice some leftover digested food in them. These pieces may be berries or insect legs

Bird Poop Omens: A sign of Good luck. The main omen associated with a bird pooping on you is that it is a sign of luck. Luck, prosperity and good fortune are all yours to come with this symbolic experience. When a bird poops on you, symbolically you are provided a situation in which you have to slow down, look at yourself, your behaviors. The answer is yes. Bird poop from any bird can carry parasites and germs that can make a dog very sick. Two of the most common infections in bird poop that affect dogs are: Histoplasmosis: is a fungal infection found in bird droppings. Symptoms of this infection include: Loss of appetite. Weight loss While mammal poo is relatively easy to identify, the droppings of different birds often look the same - white splodges containing a paste of waste products. But those of a few species, including the three illustrated here, are more distinctive. A careful eye, a guarded sniff and (sometimes) a careful inspection using disposable gloves can often reveal the species responsible for the droppings The Pigeon Man has been family owned and operated for almost 5 years. Created in 2016, we recognized a pigeon problem here in Las Vegas, and we wanted to provide a solution. Servicing the entire Las Vegas valley, we use our expertise to keep your property free of pesky pigeons. Our Services. Pigeon Deterrent Bird poop can cause certain diseases if it reacts negatively with your skin. This is due to the harmful ingredients present in its composition. A fungus called cryptococcus is found in bird poop which can cause severe infection in the body. This can be caused by breathing in the odour of bird poop or when the fungus reacts with your skin

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Droppings, dung, spraints and scat - animal poo goes by many names. Knowing how to identify poo can be a great way of finding some of Britain's more elusive mammals. Here's how to identify some common animal droppings including hedgehog poo and fox poo And sometimes, the secrets of the universe are hidden under a pile of pigeon poop. And so it happened that the first observation of the crackle of nascent energy left over from the Big Bang was. Synonyms for Bird droppings in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for Bird droppings. 7 synonyms for feces: faecal matter, faeces, fecal matter, ordure, BM, dejection, stool. What are synonyms for Bird droppings Advertisement. In 1935, German immigrant Dick Kubach took over a 19-stool diner at 1610 W. Passyunk Ave., naming it after a can of Mel's tomatoes, which had a picture of a rose on the label. The story goes that Kubach asked a sign painter to start with the word Mel and to add a rose. The painter, though, lacked artistic skills and simply wrote.

The name of this plant originated from Barbados, where this crop is an important pigeon feed. Alternate Names for Pigeon Pea. There are several alternative names for this plant. This plant is grown in many regions across the world and is known by different names, such as the Tropical green pea, Red gram and Kadios in Philippines The problem is that the windows and building are filthy grimy and covered with pigeon poop on the outside. The ledge and the side of the building are too. If I open the window the soot all blows into our apartment and I don't even want to know what diseases could come from the poop

Pigeon Worms . Like many other types of animals, pigeons can harbor various kinds of worms in their intestinal tract. Roundworms, tapeworms and hairworms grow and live in the digestive tract of pigeons and can cause diarrhea, weakness, increased susceptibility to other diseases and performance issues in competitive pigeons Taxonomy and systematics. Upupa and epops are respectively the Latin and Ancient Greek names for the hoopoe; both, like the English name, are onomatopoeic forms which imitate the cry of the bird.. The hoopoe was classified in the clade Coraciiformes, which also includes kingfishers, bee-eaters, and rollers. A close relationship between the hoopoe and the wood hoopoes is also supported by the. Hearing the sounds of pigeons is symbolic that this message is imminent & asks you to prepare. Pigeons appear everywhere in the big cities. Quite often in the middle of town. You must be receptive. Pigeons may also be symbolic of openness or that now you have opened your mind, heart or being to a new way of something I wouldn't go so far as to say every sort of animal caca has a name, but a surprising number do. We have tath , cattle dung; spraints , otter dung; bodewash , cow dung; the familiar guano , seafowl excrement used as fertilizer; wormcast , a cylindrical mass of earth voided by an earthworm; and coprolite , fossil excrement — e.g., dinosaur poop And it is this accumulation of bird poop or guano that caused the United States to acquire most of these islands. On August 18, 1856 the U.S. Congress passed a law known as the Guano Islands Act which allows American citizens to lay claim to any island in the world that meets the following three criteria: 1 The island is uninhabited

Snake poop is easily misidentified as bird poop. Like bird droppings, snake dung has a wet, mushy appearance when fresh and dries to a chalky white after a time. Location may help you determine if you are looking at snake or bird droppings since snakes have access to many low, closed spaces a bird could not reach Yes! Pigeon droppings can be composted - though it is best to only compost it from healthy, captive birds (such as racing stock), as poop from wild birds may contain harmful diseases or pathogens. Like chicken poo, pigeon droppings can be a useful fertiliser in the garden but it needs time to cool down first ★ YearimTV will be your sweet and smart friend! Come on and subscribe us for more!https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPv_FeQDOXx1gpNM9ZGUqsg?sub_confirmation=1..

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Bird poop media , covering the poop on the streets. BPM is a one bird show !! Covering any poop that hits the street , everything from car shows to protests even homelessness . Bird poop media will be your #1 media source soon , enjoy stay tuned !! Name. Email* Send Cancel. Partnership with bird poop media. In partnership with bird poop media Bird poop is fairly easy to remove when it's fresh, but not so much after it's been sitting out in the hot sun for a while. Rain will remove pollen and dust, and even dirt, but there's a funny thing about uric acid: it's not very water-soluble Synonymous with peasant. A pigeon is a label used to describe a male in which a female does not, and will never, take seriously. A pigeon, just like a peasant, is automatically disqualified & forgotten about the moment they're classified as a pigeon 2,973 bird poop stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See bird poop stock video clips. of 30. car and bird bird poo car bird poo poop street bird poop on car bird feces bird poo on car bird poop car hen manure bird dropping on car. Try these curated collections

Pigeon poop - foul or fantastic? Although pigeon poo is seen as a major problem for property owners in the 21st Century, it was considered to be an invaluable resource in the 16th, 17th and 18th century in Europe. Pigeon poop was a highly prized fertilizer and considered to be far more potent than farmyard manure Product Name Popularity Score Quality Score Sentiment Score Sales Volume; 1: Poop-Off Bird Poop Remover Sprayer, 32-Ounce 9.7 9.2 9.8 2: Supagard Bird Lime Neutraliser 9.4 8.9 9.5 3

Bird Dropping Topical Stain Etching is the quite common type of bird poop on car. It is shallow and fade, which is easy to wash or remove completely. In order to clean this type of dropping, driver can use a clear coat safe polish or compound Because the acid and poop are expelled at the same time from the same opening, but from two different bodily systems, they don't have much time to blend, and you get a bird dropping with two.

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To remove the bird muck we would recommend you always carry either some bird muck wipes with you in your car. Two popular and effective bird poop wipes are Autoglym Bird Dropping Wipes . Unlike general purpose wipes these specialist products contain the right blend of chemicals within them to immediately start to neutralise the bird poop Bird feces are composed of ammonium oxalate (C2H8N2O4) and urate, phosphoric acid, and other salts and impurities. Nitrates are also high in bird droppings. According to chemical analysis, guano is 11-16% nitrogen (mainly uric acid), 8-12% is phosphoric acid, and 2-3% is potassium carbonate The longer you leave pigeon poo on your car, the more chance it has of drying out and corroding your paint work. If you have a sponge cloth handy, you can easily wipe away the stains using some. A very pleasant product fragrance has been tested to be safe around all breeds of birds and helps to control cage smells. Adjustable sprayer head assures even application and reduces product usage. Pre-spray clothing before wash to remove even the toughest stains. This product really works Actually, bird poop, per se, is not white. Birds, unlike mammals, do not have separate exits for urine and feces. Both waste products are eliminated simultaneously through the cloaca. While mammals excrete nitrogenous wastes mostly in the form of urea, birds convert it to uric acid or guanine, which reduces water loss in comparison. Uric acid.

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  1. Pigeon Poo Blues. Access to this office involved climbing steep, external, fire-escape stairs that were coated with pigeon poo. When it rained the pigeon poo got mighty slippery. It was only by luck that none of us slipped three storys to our pathetic, pigeon-poo-related deaths
  2. Browse 45,349 pigeon stock photos and images available, or search for carrier pigeon or pigeon forge to find more great stock photos and pictures. pigeon - pigeon stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. white dove isolated - pigeon stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. close-up of pigeon perching on retaining wall - pigeon stock.
  3. 8th house and the odds of bird poop. As we all know, the 8th house in a birth chart represents death, secrets, sudden events, mysteries, and sudden gains in life. When a bird poops on your head, it means that the 8th house in your life is now currently active. Because the odds of getting pooped by a bird is much lower than winning a lottery

Flag Discriminatory Name Other Suggestion Add To Page . Photo Photo (copy) All Locations > S Dakota > Rapid City Area > Meat Packing Plant > Upper Cliff. Pigeon Poo 5.10+ YDS 6b+ French 21 Ewbanks VII+ UIAA 20 ZA E3 5b British Avg: 2 from 2 votes Routes in Upper Cliff More About Pigeon Poo Printer-Friendly. As with the other kinds of poop coffee, Coatis coffee is said to be less bitter because of the digestive process it undergoes. Fans also say that it takes on a unique flavor because of the other things being digested along with it. 3. Jacu Bird Coffee. The Jacu bird is a native bird to Brazil, and like the civet, it feeds on ripe coffee cherries Bird poop damage on cars is very real, especially if it becomes dry bird poop, so this is a very important consideration to make. It's only natural to want to delay a potentially nasty cleaning job as long as possible because - well - we're all busy with other life stuff, but it's really not a wise thing to do Bird poop has been used in facials for hundreds of years to repair skin damage and create healthy glowing skin. Chicken poop has been used on farms as fertilizer. It is important to note that bird poop can also be bad for you. Bird poop has the potential to carry and spread diseases Pigeon poop has been creating a messy commute for Chicago Transportation Authority riders. (iStock) Andrade said that in 2018 he requested $6 million in the state budget for the Irving Park Blue Line

A neighbourly dispute has resulted in a tree between the two drives being cut in half after negotiations fell apart. Bharat Mistry aged 56 being left with half a tree, the other neighbour who does not wish to be named didn't like the nesting pigeons and the mess they brought to his side of the drive-in Waterthorpe, Sheffield A bird always seems to know just when you're wearing your best clothes because you're trying to impress others or running late to a meeting. Bird droppings can appear on anything from flags to outdoor furniture and on fabric (one of the hazards of an outdoor clothesline).There can even be bird poop stains on your clothing or carpet if you have a feathered friend living indoors pigeon_poo. 2 points · 2 years ago · edited 2 years ago. They're called Of Monsters and Men. They're Icelandic. I don't listen while writing. Instead, I listen, get into the mood, then turn off the music and write. I can't listen and write at the same time. It distracts me. [deleted Pigeon poop pickpocket - Thiefhunters in Paradise. Thieves, Travel. Pigeon poop pickpocket. by Bambi Vincent. The pigeon poop perp squirts fake bird droppings on his mark, then points it out and offers to clean it off—while he cleans the victim out. Barcelona, Spain—The Pigeon Poop Pickpocket got me with a double-blob on my back A normal bird dropping has three separate components. However, since the bird passes a dropping out of one orifice, the vent, all three portions of the dropping are mixed in the cloaca before being evacuated from the body. The first portion is called the feces, which is solid and worm-like, and may be dark green in color (usually in seed-eaters.

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  1. L. SKUNK DROPPINGS/POOP. Skunk droppings might look like those of domestic cats and will contain all types of food, from insect skeletons, to hair or seeds. Striped skunk droppings are ½ inch in diameter, usually 2 to 4 inches long, and will have blunt ends. Spotted skunk droppings are going to be similar looking, but maybe half the size
  2. Dear Cecil: Whilst reading through a (fictional) account of King Arthur's childhood, we came upon the word fewmet.The book explained that the droppings of the beast for which one might quest were fewmets, and that a knight on such a quest might carry some with him (one assumes for comparative purposes)
  3. This is a very possible interpretation of bird poop as a dream symbol. A final reason that people dream of bird poop may have something to do with the whiteness of the poop. It symbolizes all of the bad that is contained within the good in your life. With all good there is a little bit of bad to go along with it.
  4. Harley- You could name your bird after the DC comics character. Honey- For brown or yellow birds. Huntress- For a bit of danger in your bird name. Isis- This goddess name is a good choice for any kind of bird. Ivy- You may want to pick this one for a green bird. Jade- This gemstone is a good choice for a green bird
  5. g the tree or putting up a net to keep pigeons away. Mistry wanted to solve it amicably and hire a gardener, but apparently.

The same rules probably apply to babies. Breathing a lot of bird poop most definitely isn't good for people, but of course, it's not good for birds either. For it to get to the level where there's enough bird poop to cause health problems, people probably aren't cleaning the cages often enough. The solution is simple Pigeon poop harbors a bunch of nasty things like Avian Tuberculosis, Bird Flu and E. Coli. There's also Histoplasmosis, Listeriosis, Samonellosis and Candidiasis, just to name a few. In fact pigeon poop harbors at least 60 known diseases and some 40 parasites Pigeon poo blamed for deadly Minnesota bridge collapse Last updated at 17:13 24 August 2007 A bridge collapse in America, which killed 13 poople, has been blamed on a build of pigeons' poo

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  1. Bugs and Spiders Disguised as Poop, Leaves, and Each Other. twig, or bird dung gets a fancy word: mimesis. These photographs, all used with permission from Nicky Bay, demonstrate some of the.
  2. Noun. Human or animal solid waste excreted from the bowels. (rare) Information that is available only to a select few. A foolish or unintelligent person. Sound from electronic device. Refuse. Excrement, feces, dung. Confidential information. A currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth
  3. g from your pet bird or from outside, keep the floors clean. Wherever your dog can roam, you should wipe clean regularly. The porch and balcony are the places with the most bird poo
  4. There are certain things about birds, however, that only bird owners can truly understand. Some of those things are gush-worthy (like the first time your bird hops onto your shoulder) and others are downright disgusting (all the poop), but all of those things contribute to the joy that is bird ownership. Read on to learn the things only bird.
  5. The poop came in the mail two days later and I read the tiny insert with English instructions. It told me to mix 1 teaspoon of powdered poo with water and use the mixture as a face mask for 10.
  6. d get clean if a bird has pooped on you
  7. The island of Mauritius, where the Dodo Bird lived. Tim Graham / Getty Images. Sometime during the Pleistocene epoch, a badly lost flock of pigeons landed on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius, located about 700 miles east of Madagascar. The pigeons prospered in this new environment, evolving over hundreds of thousands of years into the flightless, 3-foot-tall (.9 m), 50-pound (23 kg) dodo.

Have you guys ever had a bird poo down on you with the freedom top off? Advertisement. 2020 Jeep Gladiator Sting Gray. Icon Vehicle Dynamics Stage 4 Lift / Black Rhino Abrams-textured matte gunmetal (17x9.5 -18) / Nexen Roadian MTX 37x12.5 / Rockslide Engineering steps / MetalCloak F&R 1-4 Bump Stops / Metal Cloak 1 5/8 Tie Rod Clamp / Fox. Bird Poop On Porch Railings. As you see in the photo below, all those birds leave a little something behind as they congregate on the railings. And with so many of them, there was lots of poop let me tell ya! So even with constant cleaning of the bird droppings, it was always back within minutes. How disgusting! A constant, never ending chore Droppings may stain cement, damage vehicles or create slip and fall hazards - and let's face it, no one wants to fall in bird poo. Even if the birds in your yard aren't disease-riddled poop machines, troublemakers like starlings, pigeons or English sparrows, often injure or kill more harmless native birds like bluebirds, purple martins. The Los Islotes islands in Mexico's Sea of Cortez are covered in bird poop. Wolfgang Kaehler/Getty Images You're strolling around outside on your lunch break when, all of a sudden, a bird lets loose above you, depositing a messy smear of droppings on your head

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The bird's pee color or poop color is white with slightly brownish. Since they do not have a separate passage for peeing and poop - both waste is removed simultaneously through their Cloaca. Birds convert their waste to uric acid which reduces water loss. This uric acid thus forms a white sticky paste that what we see when they poop. A four-bed property has sold for £100k after the previous owner fled due to a huge problem with pigeon poo - which still covers the inside.. The house in a desirable part of Devon was bought for a knock-down price but still went for more than double its initial £45,000 asking price.. Number 1 Coburg Villas in Ilfracombe has been described as a large, terraced house with big rooms, outdoor. Thanked 389 Times in 222 Posts. Re: Bird poop in my hair!! In the wild when a bird lands where he isn't welcome, another bird will gently push him off the branch. Do this. The instant the bird lands on your head, use your hand to effctively, but gently, shove him off. You wont hurt him, he can fly Pigeon Simulator is being compared to Goat Simulator, the physics game from Coffee Stain Studios where people play a goat that wants to cause mayhem.In that game, players may not be able to poo on. 602-529-1236. Got pigeons in Glendale AZ? Get guaranteed pigeon control from real pigeon control experts with our team of experienced Pigeon Pros. We have ten's of thousands of successful pigeon control and/or removal services under our belts in the Phoenix area. We offer pigeon netting, spikes, trapping, pigeon poop removal, and more

Bird Poop T-shirt FAQs. Your bird poop t-shirt imagination is at your fingertips with Zazzle! Easily find and customize bird poop t-shirts by searching through the Zazzle Marketplace. You can go with an existing bird poop t-shirt design or add your own personalized message. Plus, the bird poop t-shirts you see above start at just $17.95 3) Dedicated Bird Poo Wipes. You can get wipes designed to remove bird poop from cars, containing a special blend of chemicals that will neutralise the bird excrement and stop it from damaging your paint. Use it on the affected surface, following the instructions on the packaging, and then dispose of it. This is probably the most practical way. Age: Bird Poop frogs can live for 5-8 years but may live longer in captivity with ideal care. At the time of sale bird poop frogs will be at least 2 months old. Feeding: Bird Poop frogs can be fed crickets of varying sizes their whole lives up to ½ for adults. At time of sale baby Bird Poop frogs will be eating 1/4 crickets Seltzer is simply carbonated water that receives an addictive effervescence from carbon dioxide, helping you get your windshield clean.. First, pour some seltzers, leave it on the bird poop for a bit, then you spray clean water on it or turn on your wipers.. Remember, it is not good for using it to clean bird poop off somewhere painted or windows as it is corrosive and makes the color plainted

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funkystyley wrote: ». Help. I was half way through eating a burger in town earlier and noticed bird poo on the bun . I think i may have eaten some of the poo . Does anyone know if i will now become ill. To be honest, I wouldn't worry about it - I'm sure you've eaten much worse things in much larger quanities without realising it Bird poop is one of the most common causes of damage to your car's finish. Mostly because it's virtually unavoidable. Birds are everywhere and are constantly dropping poop bombs on the world below them. Jerks. The bigger reason why bird poop on cars is such a problem is because bird poop has uric acid in it Shop for bird poop wall art from the world's greatest living artists. All bird poop artwork ships within 48 hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. Choose your favorite bird poop designs and purchase them as wall art, home decor, phone cases, tote bags, and more

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In short, bird droppings make great fertilizer. Many gardeners depend on bird droppings for plants in the form of rotted chicken manure, which increases the nutrient level and water-holding capacity of soil. You can't, however, just toss a lot of bird poop on the soil and expect it to work miracles. In fact, large amounts of bird droppings in. The bird poop facial is by no means new, in fact Shizuka, who owns her eponymous spa, has mastered the $180-service throughout nearly a decade of practice. A little background: Hundreds of years. And since the white part of bird poo is actually uric acid, that's a big problem, too. By fine-tuning the pigments, resins, and additives that go into making a car's shiny protective paintwork , specialists can ensure the coating Ford applies to its vehicles has the optimum make-up to resist the impact of these types of pollutants Soften the bird poop with liquid. You can dampen a cloth with the automotive soap/water mix we mentioned earlier to soften the unwelcomed dropping on your car by placing this cloth over the stain for about 5 minutes, or just pouring some of the mixture directly on it. Remove the stain gently. Take off the damp cloth from the stain and spray. This beer's name is a pun on the Japanese word for crap, Unko. Produced by Kanagawa-based brewery Sankt Gallen for April Fools 2013, this beer sold out within minutes of becoming available. The stout is made with an ingredient unusual for beers: coffee

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Here are some other tricks, including homemade bird poop remover for cars: Water and bicarbonate of soda/baking soda - mix a litre of water with 4 tablespoons of baking soda, put in a 32-ounce spray container and soak the affected area. Leave for 10 minutes and wash off with a hose

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The UK National Poo Museum has opened on the Isle of WightBird Deterrent - Pigeon Bird ControlShih-PooNational Poo Museum Opens in Britain | Amusing PlanetBichpoo Dog Breed Health, Temperament, Grooming, Feeding