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Characteristics/attitude must a cheer dancer. She should be always cheerful and smiling She should be energetic She should be good looking She should wear short dresses to sexually energise people. The main parts of cheerleading include jumps, stunting, and tumbling. Jumps consist of a toe touch, pike, and a front hurdler • To cheer is to shout out words or phrases that may help motivate and boost the morale of a playing team and perform better during a game. • Dance, on the other hand, is a physical activity where one expresses emotions or gestures while performing bodily movements usually in time with rhythm. 3 Cheerleading is not easy. Not even close. Anyone who thinks differently just needs to come out and actually watch it. You can't just show up and do those moves—a lot of blood, sweat, and tears goes into being able to jump, stunt, tumble, and dance like that. (Source: Tumblr.com) Tough. You willingly put yourself in dangerous situation

Answer: The main parts of cheerleading include jumps, stunting, and tumbling. Jumps consist of a toe touch, pike, and a front hurdler. These jumps can go anyway your choreographer wants them to go, and you can rotate in them... 1. What characteristics have you observed in cheer dance? 1. See answer. report flag outlined. bell outlined. Log in to add comment Cheerleading is a great cardio workout! Cheers typically only last a couple of minutes so it is necessary to repeat high-energy routines. Choreography contains not only dance but also tumbles, jumps and sometimes stunts, all which require great stamina especially to maintain a big smile throughout the routine as well! 2. Strength Trainin

Often saved for the end of the routine, the dance is often a judge's favorite part of the routine. With multiple transitions, level changes, and clean, sharp motions, the dance is a lot of fun. It should be flashy and exciting. Keep motions crisp, quick, and exaggerated to catch the judge's eye While all-star cheerleading is a team sport, there is s sense of individuality within it. Every person on the team becomes a leader. In areas where one is strong, they need to lead and pull through for their team, using their talent to the maximum. Leadership is taught and practiced by each participant

Dance is an art that comes in many forms that almost anyone can enjoy. There are so many different styles, so many different reasons to dance, from casual socializing to the full art of performance. If you really want to pursue dance as an art form or even a career, there are several traits that you'll need that unite all styles of dance Cheerleading, team activity in which elements of dance and acrobatics are combined with shouted slogans in order to entertain spectators at sporting events and to encourage louder and more enthusiastic cheering. Once exclusively a sideline activity geared toward supporting school sports, cheerleading has gained recognition as a sport in its own right and often operates outside the school.

The 3 main parts of cheerleading. The main parts of cheerleading include jumps, stunting, and tumbling . J umps consist of a toe touch, pike, and a front hurdler. These jumps can go anyway your choreographer wants them to go, and you can rotate in them. Level 2 and up can tumble out of their jumps with the appropriate skills, for example level. Elements of a Cheerleading Performance. HS. Published with reusable license by Hannah Stringer. November 6, 2013. 28 views Varsity.com is the authoritative resource for cheerleaders, cheerleading, cheerleading camps, cheerleading competitions, cheerleading uniforms, cheerleading videos and much more. Varsity.com also provides resources on being a cheerleader, cheerleading stunts, jumps, and motions, dance teams, competitive cheerleading, cheer coaching, and also. Cheerleading is an organized sports activity involving short routines that combine dance, gymnastics, and stunt elements to cheer on teams, most commonly football. Performers of these one to three-minute routines are called cheerleaders. Cheerleading originated in Britain and spread to the United States where it remains most common, but has also become popular in other parts of the world, such.

Furthermore, what are the 4 elements of cheerleading? The main parts of cheerleading include jumps, stunting, and tumbling. Jumps consist of a toe touch, pike, and a front hurdler. These jumps can go anyway your choreographer wants them to go, and you can rotate in them The mission of El Toro High School Cheer and Dance Boosters 501 (c)3 organization is to enhance the experience for athletes at all levels by providing financial assistance and support to the Cheer and Dance program. With the continued support of ETHS Cheer and Dance families and our valued community sponsors Cheerleading has changed over the years and it is no longer about cheers and pom-poms. Today's cheerleaders are athletic, competitive and confident. It takes true dedication and hard work to get involved with cheerleading. There are certain qualities that you must possess to be a cheerleader and to be a great cheerleader you must work at it Qualities a Cheerleading Captain Needs. A cheerleading captain isn't always the most talented member of the squad. She made the team because of her skills, but to lead the squad, she needs a combination of other qualities. She must recognize she is no longer one of the group; she's now the leader and must set the example for the rest to follow

A cheer captain needs to display a positive attitude, which means that you look for the good in any situation and encourage your fellow cheerleaders to do the same. You should keep a smile on your face and find nice words to say to those around you. Another important part of having a positive attitude is to build up your fellow cheerleaders by. Being a member of a reputable dance organization or having certifications and achievements are also a huge plus. Other Important Characteristics: Patience. Teaching dance is grueling. Students enrolled in a dance class have varying degrees of skill, and as such, can absorb and learn material at different paces Cheerleading is an event that consists of cheers and organized. routines for sports team motivation audience entertainment or. competition. The routines contain melons of cheers jumps dance. gymnastics and stunting. the purpose is to encourage the. spectators of events to cheer for sports teams at games The Characteristics of Contemporary Dance Modern dance encourages dancers to use their emotions and moods to design their own steps and routines. It is not unusual for dancers to invent new steps for their routines, instead of following a structured code of technique, as in ballet

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  1. CHEERDANCE Cheer dance is the dance genre of cheerleading with three subgenres. Jazz: Incorporates stylized movements and combinations, formation changes, group work, and technical elements. An emphasis is placed on proper technical execution, extension, control, body placement, style and continuity of movement along with team uniformity. See sheet for more information. Hip-Hop Incorporates.
  2. In the 40-plus years since the passing of Title IX, the activity of sideline cheerleading has expanded into spirit programs that also involve competitive cheer. Between those individuals involved in competitive cheer programs and students who are involved in sideline cheerleading, there are more than 500,000 participants annually
  3. Cheerleading is the perfect way of giving yourself a challenge and will physically and mentally benefit you in your future. 10. Build relationships with fellow team members. Cheerleading not only forms relationships among the members of the team, but it also helps bring the families of team members together
  4. CHEER AND DANCE TEAMS or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics equal rights and opportunities. Married, pregnant and parenting students shall have the same educational and extracurricular opportunities as all students. Expecting and parenting students retain the right to participate.

Although dance disciplines vary significantly, there are specific qualities common to all successful dancers. As a successful dancer you'll need a strong sense of rhythm and innate physical grace. Health consciousness is imperative; you'll be expected to maintain good health and physical well-being. Because dancing is demanding, physical. The physical characteristics of dancers resemble those of high-level athletes, as do the many dance-related injuries they sustain. Common Dance Injuries. The majority of dance injuries result from overuse, and are commonly caused by repetitive stress and predisposing factors, like weakness or inflexibility

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We try to create songs based on that particular player's characteristics. The songs, cheer routines, and dance moves all come together with a lot of practice. Cheerleaders not only practice in groups, but also work individually to ensure they've memorized and learned every move correctly Cheerleading is an activity in which the participants (called cheerleaders) cheer for their team as a form of encouragement.It can range from chanting slogans to intense physical activity.It can be performed to motivate sports teams, to entertain the audience, or for competition The United States All Star Federation and the International All Star Federation host just two competitions a year-The Dance Worlds™ and The Cheerleading Worlds™. Event producers of premier championships sponsor their best teams to compete at these international competitions. Dance and cheer teams from all over the world may qualify to compete in either Senior and Open divisions cheer / dance / flags / majorettes ffa & rodeo jrotc academics club & activity patches fine & performing arts - band / choir / drama mascot patches back of jacket name patches award letters, bars, and insert Broadway, also known as musical theater, is a mixture of ballet, jazz and modern dance complemented by acting and singing. Because Broadway is a mixture of these three major dance styles, it allows for movements with body parts rarely used in the other dance forms. Broadway also uses theater props in dance numbers like canes or top hats. 11 of 11

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Peja R., a Pre-K cheerleader at CheerXperience says her cheer role model is her sissy Tessa because she is always at the gym and helps me.. Nicole S., a 9th cheerleader at Cheer Central Suns says her cheer role model is Cassie Craig. She has been an inspiration to me because she helps me through the tough times in cheer and picks me back up Characteristics of a Dancer. Being a professional dancer requires the innate talent to interpret and communicate stories and feelings through the physical form. However, what appears artful and flawless onstage is the result of much more than natural talent. Dancers also rely on the characteristics of physical stamina. Modern dance is a style of dance that developed as a reaction to the strict rules that defined ballet. This is because it emerged at the beginning of the 20th century in a time when ballet had. The widespread use of Cheerleading pom-poms in other dance forms is an example of such fusion. Contemporary dance - Contemporary dance is a fusion of Jazz dance, Ballet, and Modern dance, developed in the mid-20th century. Contemporary dance expresses emotion through organic movements and unrestricted lines, and in this respect it is different.

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  1. imum, come up with a quick dance routine that is at least eight 8-counts, and require the performance of one cheer, and couple of jumps. For all-star squads, the performance of stunts, standing tumbling, and a tumbling pass may be necessary
  2. Dance is a form of aerobic exercise that has physical, mental, and emotional benefits. It's great for both kids and adults and can build strength and balance as well as self-esteem
  3. ation. It is the policy of DCS that all applicants and employees are entitled to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, religion or creed, gender (includes pregnancy or related medical conditions), national origin, age, disability, veteran.
  4. ding their own business as they focus on being great youth sports parents. These parents may not get noticed much, but that doesn't stop their efforts because recognition is not why they are working at.
  5. ation. It is the policy of DCS that all applicants and employees are entitled to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, religion or creed, gender (includes pregnancy or related medical conditions.
  6. National Dance Team Championship - 5th Place Prop and Pom Prelims. Deep South Cheer Competition - 1st Place Pom and 1st Place Hip Hop. MS State Fair Dance Competition - 2nd Place Pom. Camp at Unv. Of Memphis - 2nd place Home Routine, 110% Award 2002-03 YEAR IN REVIEW. National Dance Team Championship - 7th Place in Prop Division and Pom Prelim
  7. The Lamar University Dance Team is a well-uniformed and diverse organization that offers a style and performance level that sets them apart. The members of this prestigious and growing dance team display their vast abilities while supporting Lamar University at athletic events, community activities, and their annual show

The type of dance shoe you buy largely depends on the style of dancing you do. Gentlemen typically wear suede or leather shoes with a low heel for Ballroom, Swing or Salsa dancing. For Latin Ballroom the heel tends to be slightly higher measuring up to 1.5 inches. For ladies, an open toe heel or strappy sandal is best for the Latin and Salsa. May 7, 2015 - I wasn't always a good stunt coach. I'll admit it. My first season coaching a squad, I ended up with a bunch of people quitting after a girl got a concussion from stunting. Yep. It was not pretty. I don't wish that one anyone. ever. Which is why I'm so passionate about helping coaches find There are various qualities and requirements for good dance/drill team leaders: ability, scholarship, leadership, dependability, organization, self-discipline, well-groomed, and preferably 'perfect'. One thing we must realize is that we are dealing with young ladies that need guidance to develop into outstand-ing leaders Dr. Rank is a doctor who is best friends with Torvald and Nora, who he visits every day. Dr. Rank suffers from spinal tuberculosis, a condition he believes was caused by his father's vices, which included having extramarital affairs and consuming too much luxurious food and drink.Dr. Rank is unmarried and lonely, and over the course of the play it is revealed that he is in love with Nora

Cheer and Dance American Canyon High School. 3000 Newell Dr., American Canyon CA 94503 (707) 557-8300 Phone | (707) 644-1139 Fax medical information or association with a person or group with one of more of these actual or perceived characteristics. For questions or complaints, contact our District Equity Officer and District Compliance. Pep & Cheer Tryouts for the 2021-2022 School Year. Pep and Cheer Tryouts will be held on May 11th and May 12th from 3:30-4:30pm - Please save the dates if you have an incoming 4th, 5th, or 6th grader interested in this program! May 11th will be a camp where the athletes are taught a short dance, cheer and jump which will be used as the tryout.

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Here are key dance studio industry stats to keep in mind as the new year gets underway. The market size of the dance studio industry has grown by 3% per year from 2015 to 2020. According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary of a dance studio owner for nationwide job postings is $43,048 DCS is committed to providing a work environment that is free of discrimination. It is the policy of DCS that all applicants and employees are entitled to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, religion or creed, gender (includes pregnancy or related medical conditions), national origin, age, disability, veteran status or other protected characteristics as required by local. To increase your odds of securing this cheerleading scholarship, look for ways to demonstrate characteristics like honesty, trustworthiness, and courage in your essays. Those applicants selected as semi-finalists will need to sit for interviews. 4. South Dakota Cheer Coaches Association Scholarship. Amount: $250. Deadline: TBD for 2021. Characteristics of Legumes. Legumes, including beans and lentils, are a potential meat substitute for vegetarians because of their high protein content. However, the characteristics of legumes include many other highlights, including a high fiber and nutrient content, a long storage life, and versatility in the kitchen The term folk dance is sometimes applied to dances of historical importance in European culture and history; typically originated before 20th century. For other cultures the terms ethnic dance or traditional dance are sometimes used, although the latter terms may encompass ceremonial dances

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  1. Characteristics of Chinese Dance. From the graceful fan dance to variations on martial arts, Chinese choreography shares some common characteristics: The movements are highly stylized. Every step and gesture follows a familiar pattern
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  4. Characteristics of a Scorpio Mother. Copied! A Scorpio mother's sense of well-being comes from having a close emotional bond with her children. She's a mother who is protective, immensely loving, and sensitive to her children's needs. A Scorpio mother will forever be an imposing presence and force in her children's lives
  5. Pom is a fast paced jazz-like dance with pom poms that includes technical work. A Pom routine contains important characteristics such as strong pom technique, clean/precise and sharp motions, synchronization, visual effects and may incorporate Pom Skills (i.e. pom passes, jump sequences, leaps/turns, kick lines, etc.)

A4 Women's Polyester Cloud Dye Tech Tee Shirt Description: 4-Ounce polyester interlock features moisture wicking technology, odor resistance, and stain release qualities designed to deliver maximum performance characteristics. Features: 100% Polyester Interlock, 4 ounces per square yard Moisture Wicking, Odor Resistant, Stain Release UPF 20 Manufacturer's Individual Women's Size Char Facts about Cheerleading inform you with the intense physical activity which involves the usage of yelling dancing, jumping, and tumbling. The main purpose of cheerleading is for sport motivation. It can be organized as a routine competition or even audience entertainment. The cheerleading in a sport competition can last for around 1-3 minutes

If you want to learn the secrets of the most effective leadership components of cheerleading, dance (and life), know this: Leadership is a skill- and just like tumbling and stunting, you can be and should be continuously building your leadership skills. So here you go, in no particular order: 1) Make it about them V Motion. The V motion can be done as a high V or low V. Start with legs shoulder width apart. To complete a high V motion, the arms are straight up but out from the head by about 45 degrees. Make the arms about the same width apart as the legs and you'll be very close to a perfect high V. Thumbs face forward Cheerleading is an activity in which the participants (called cheerleaders) cheer for their team as a form of encouragement. It can range from chanting slogans to intense physical activity. It can be performed to motivate sports teams, to entertain the audience, or for competition Write a poem then create a dance to perform as it is read Create a dance based on the characteristics of a book character Recreate scenes from a novel or short story in a dance Assign movements to each part of speech (noun, verb, adjective, etc.) and create movement sentences Write acrostic poems then use them to create a series of. Dance is a symbol of love, enjoyment and expressing one's feelings through various movements. The more you give to your movements, the better you will be able to express your feelings. It is the duty of a choreographer to bring out this rhythm out of the dancers. For this, it is important to have that perfect and motivational personality which.

Fluid motions, incorporating rolls of the hips, knees, and head were signature characteristics of their dance style. The Popping dance crew appeared on national television on a show called Hot City , were featured at the Chicago Playboy Club, and performed opening numbers for various vocal artists Folk Dance - History and Types of Folk Dance With each passing year, customs and beliefs of groups of people get built little by little, slowly with time forming into traditions. Folk dances represent one of the strongest ways these (sometimes truly ancient) traditions of countries and regions can be showcased to the public We are offer gymnastics classes for boys and girls from ages 18months-18years. We will also provide acro-tumble classes for dance and cheer, and classes for special needs students. We also have a competitive gymnastics team for boys and girls ages 5-18. Our current location is 200 W. Beech in the back of the Durant Daily Democrat building Street Dance Background. What is called street dancing today developed in a rec room party in the Bronx in 1973 when DJ Kool Herc mixed records, 'breaking' and scratching them to prolong the instrumental sections so the dancers could show their moves longer. The extended dance was called breaking, and the emcee patter that covered the breaks became rap

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  1. What are three characteristics do you feel are most important for cheerleaders to possess. Cheerleaders must be positive, helpful, and quick thinking. Next year I think cheerleaders can do more fundraisers and pep rallies with fun themes like dance offs or funny contests. Cheerleaders are athletes and performers and cheer requires as.
  2. The mission of Rex Putnam Youth Cheer, Inc. is to: promote cheerleading as a sport. teach children the fundamental and advanced elements of cheerleading within a safe environment. teach through the cheerleading program the characteristics and value of dedication, teamwork, and sportsmanship; and to develop self-confidence
  3. Kabuki is a Japanese dance-drama. This is probably the oldest of the traditional types of performance. Kabuki (歌舞伎) consists of 3 kanji characters: sing, dance and skill. Izumo no Okuni was the founder of Kabuki, she came up with the dance in Kyoto during Edo period. It soon became a common form of entertainment so the performances were.
  4. al muscle groups. Gymnastics evolved from exercises used by the ancient Greeks that included skills for mounting and dismounting a horse and.

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On another note, dance is an expression of art, in that it appeals to the emotions. For example, a girl who pirouettes across a stage while performing ballet appears graceful and elegant to many people, thus emotionally appealing Our gym in Murrieta invites athletes from Murrieta, Temecula, Menifee, and beyond to join our All-Star team today! Pacific Coast MAGIC is the premier training center in Southern California and internationally. We offer competitive and non-competitive cheerleading and monthly classes that consist of tumbling, stunting, and flyer flexibility Cheer & Dance Boys Cross Country Girls Cross Country Football Girls Golf Girls Tennis Girls Volleyball Boys Water Polo Girls Water Polo. Winter Season Cheer & Dance or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. This shall apply when applicable, to interns, volunteers, and job applicant Krumping, also spelled Krumpin, is a street dance popularized in the United States that is characterized by free, expressive, exaggerated, and highly energetic movement involving the arms, head, legs, chest, and feet.1 The youths who started krumping saw the dance as a way for them to escape gang life2 and to release anger, aggression and frustration positively, in a non-violent way.3 1. Hip-hop dance is a unique and exciting style of street dance that is most commonly performed to hip-hop music. Hip-hop dance is a vibrant form of dance that combines a variety of freestyle movements to create a cultural piece of art. Through its three main styles of popping, locking, and breaking, hip-hop dance has evolved into one of the most popular and influential styles of dance

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Ethnic dance is any dance form which can be identified as originating with an ethnic culture and expressing the movement aesthetics of that culture. It would cover all ethnic cultures, whether European, American, African, Polynesian, Asian, Middle Eastern. It would also include village folk dance, urban popular dance (swing, tango), classic. How It Works. Grooving to the beats of salsa, flamenco, and merengue music feels more like a dance party than a workout, which is exactly what makes Zumba so popular.The Latin-inspired dance. Hall claims that the Tall Whites have a lifespan of 700 years. Unlike the strong, virile Nordics, the Tall Whites are thin and appear frailer than humans. Their eyes are larger than humans. Unlike the blue-eyed Nordics, the Tall Whites only have blue eyes when they are children. When the male youths mature and become adults, their eyes turn pink • Modern dance reflects a style that is devoid of the restrictions of classic ballet, removed of structured routines, and focused on free-interpretations derived from inner emotions. • Contemporary dance is a specific concert dance genre that is all about unchoreographed movements as influenced by compositional philosophy

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2. Goals need to be challenging: The goals should be challenging enough, so you aren't 100 percent certain you can achieve them. Good: To juggle personal schedules to coincide with the weather in order to ride to Estes Park once per month is a real challenge. In some cases, the ride happens on the last day of the month Characteristically, musical theater is a spectacle of music, dance and dialogue. 1. an hour ago. Philippinen. Identify musical characteristics of selected Philippine Festivals and theatrical forms b. Enumerate the festivals of Aklan, Cebu and Batangas c. Identify similarities and differences in features of the festivals II. Philippine Music.

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Rêveur is a royal House whose name in French means dreamers or idealists — because the members who fill this group are students filled with freedom and wild abandon who recognize their dreams and will let nothing stand in the way of achieving them. This can be seen in the unicorn, which is on the center of the House's crest, a. Aquarius is symbolized by the Water Bearer. It's the masculine (outgoing), fixed (unmovable), air (mental) sign of the zodiac. On the most basic level, Aquarius is the open and forward-thinking mind. It embodies the ability to tap into the collective and share what's learned with the rest of humanity Guppy Species. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, guppies are a member of the Poeciliidae family. In this family, you'll find: Poecilia reticulata - This is the common guppy, and this name is widely accepted as the correct name for the species, although it is sometimes referred to as Poecilia (Lebistes) reticulatus by some taxonomists.; Related Article

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A team player doesn't tell everyone else what to do, he shows them. 2. A team player asks good questions. Asking good questions is a sign of being coachable. Athletes show respect for coaches and other team members by asking for their input and suggestions. A team player is open to the ideas of others because he truly wants to do what is best. SPU Cheer Video Tryout Instructions: Videos must be sent before 4 PM on May 11th to spucheer@outlook.com in order to qualify for tryouts. Videos must include the tryout cheer and dance (dance must be performed to the song Bassa Sababa), as well a toetouch. You may include a jump of choice or do a jump sequence Summer CAre Programs. Summer Camp at MRA will run May 24 - July 30, 2021. Summer Camps will be open from 7:30 a.m. until 5:45 p.m. each day except for Monday, May 31 and Friday, July 3. Camp will close for the Memorial Day and Independence Day holidays. There will be two fun-filled summer camp programs with the option to enroll by the week or. The ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex can host more than 60 sports across ten world-class venues designed to give every athlete the best possible competition experience. It's the pre-eminent multi-sport facility of its kind in the world. View All Facilities & Venues

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Cheer Dance . Baseball Boys Volleyball Boys Tennis Boys Golf Track Softball activity on the basis and/or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics of age, ancestry, color, disability, ethnicity, ethnic group identifications, gender, gender identity, gender expression, genetic. Modern and contemporary dances are both developed from the art of rhythmic body movement used as a medium of social communication and expression. They are equally potent channels that utilize different nuances in style and varieties of techniques. Jul 9, 2019 - Shiny stretch fabrics sold by the yard or roll. Many colors and styles perfect for dance, cheer, gymnastics, costume, apparel and more! Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures Palladium is lighter than platinum, which means it can be used for substantial pieces. Palladium is hypoallergenic; however, most palladium jewelry is an alloy of 95% palladium and 5% other metals. Depending on what other metals are used, allergies could be an issue for sensitive people. Source Improvisation was an important element in early forms of jazz dance, as it is an important element of jazz music. A low center of gravity and high level of energy are other important identifying characteristics of jazz dance. Other elements of jazz dance are less common and are the stylizations of their respective choreographers

Krumping is a street dance the evolved from Clown Dancing or C-Walking. It originates in Los Angelas, California in the South Central neighborhood. It is impossible to talk about Krumping and its history without mentioning Clowning. Clowning started in 1992 when Tommy the Clown started attending birthday parties as entertainment Clovis Unified School District programs, activities, and employment shall be free from unlawful discrimination, including discrimination against an individual or group based on race or ethnicity, nationality, disability, gender, gender identity, gender expression, religion, sexual orientation, immigration status, association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived. Attention Seeking Behavior. Source. This trait of a compulsive liar can be closely related to other self-esteem issues. The person lying often spins tales designed to elicit sympathy for herself or captivate another person's attention. In doing so, she artificially, albeit temporarily, boosts her own feelings of self-worth Characteristics of Dominant Defensive Lineman Garland starts by presenting what he believes to be the most important characteristics of a dominant defensive lineman. More importantly, he explains that it is important to stress these characteristics with your players to build a culture that will help develop dominant defensive lineman Havanese Characteristics. The Havanese is a toy breed, weighing about seven to 13 pounds when fully grown. Though they're small, they are not fragile. They have short legs, a long body and a round, friendly face with drop ears and intelligent eyes. Their plumed tail is long and curls over their back Why Visitation Dreams Occur. Visitation dreams occur for a number of reasons: A deceased loved one wants to reassure you or tell you they love you. Deceased loved ones or spirit guides/angels may have an important message to impart. A deceased loved one or pet may simply wish to spend a few moments in your presence