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  1. Fish fin rot is a bacterial infection that eats away at the edges of the fins and leaves them prone to further damage by fungal infections. Fish fungus can be treated with methylene blue and other medicated products, including natural treatments from herbs and botanical extracts. Fish ich (Ichthyopthirius multifiliis) or white spot disease is a.
  2. Coppersafe apparently uses chelated copper that is broken down easier and absorbed by the fish with less harmful effects. I crossed my fingers and dosed the tank according to the directions. About 24 hours after adding the Coppersafe, no more clamped fins! All the guppy fry are looking so much healthier and happier
  3. Fritz Maracyn ®. Fritz Maracyn. Highly Effective Treatment for Bacterial Infections in Fish. May be Used Along with Coppersafe®, Maracyn® Two, or Maracyn® Oxy. Easy to Measure Packet Dosing System. Bulk Jars Available for Larger Systems. Safe for Fresh and Saltwater Systems. Effective Against Gram-Positive Pathogenic Organisms
  4. Fritz Aquatics Coppersafe (8) $12.99 - $26.99. 35% off your first Repeat Delivery. Same Day Delivery Eligible. Fish Fungus and Bacteria Treatments. Bacterial and fungal infections are commonly found in aquarium life from time to time. They typically originate from poor water quality, poor hygiene, infection from other aquatic life or other.
  5. VetDepot is America's trusted source for discount pet meds from leading brands including Frontline Plus, Dasuquin, Greenies and more. Shop online now
  6. Mardel makes a product called CopperSafe that's available at PetsMart. Maracyn-Two is, while not specifically listed on the page, effective against gram-negative bacteria -which columnaris is. You could try that. It is also at Petmart. I believe you can use the two together
  7. Coppersafe, Copper Power) is actually safer, more effective and has a wider therapeutic range (1.5 - 2.0 ppm) to work with. You also need a total copper test kit (such as API's) to measure chelated copper. And I WOULD NOT use an ammonia reducer with any copper product

On petco.com we'll match the online advertised price for these key competitors: chewy.com, petsmart.com, walmart.com, target.com, amazon.com, and jet.com. Find a qualifying product. Make sure the product you would like to price match is identical to our competitor's product. Call 877-738-6742 to request a price match Fish Health and Wellness. Petco offers an extensive selection of fish medicine, treatments and supplements to help keep your saltwater and freshwater pets healthy and thriving. Whether you're dealing with a single sick fish or an illness affecting your entire aquarium community, health concerns can be stressful for fish and pet parents alike This item: API TEST KIT, Different styles available, Monitors water quality and helps prevent invisible problems that can be harmful to fish, Fast, easy and accurate, Use weekly and when problems appear. $12.14. Only 10 left in stock - order soon. Ships from and sold by Josh's Frogs. Seachem Cupramine Copper 100ml

This is a deadly parasite. Get some QuickCure (even WalMart has it) or Coppersafe immediately and follow the directions. reply #12. Philter. 7 years ago. Sorry for the double post. reply #13. Kev. 7 years ago. Thank you and I bought the medicine from petsmart and will treat it tonight. Thanks for.advice. reply #14. kev. 7 years ago Maracyn® Two powder is a broad-spectrum antibiotic developed for use in aquariums which has been shown to be effective against a number of pathogenic bacteria associated with ornamental fish disease. Due to its unique properties, it is absorbed by the fish through the skin. During the prescribed treatment, the concentration of the active.

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Coppersafe (and Copper Power) are both chelated coppers. A chelated copper solution is just a blend of two compounds. One is the copper sulfate granule, and the other is an ingredient that allows the copper granules to break down and stay in a liquid state Seachem Cupramine effectively eradicates Oodinium, Cryptocaryon, Amyloodinium, Ichthyophthirius, and other ectoparasites of both freshwater and marine fish. 100 ml treats over 500 gallons. Not for use in aquariums housing invertebrates. Remove all invertebrates. Turn off UV sterilizer; remove chemical filtration Overview. KanaPlex™ is a blended kanamycin based medication that safely and effectively treats several fungal, and bacterial fish diseases (dropsy, popeye, fin/tail rot, septicemia). Because it is absorbed by fish it is useful in treating internal infections in those situations where food is refused. It does not adversely affect the filter.

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I hope the coppersafe works. I picked up something else at Petsmart, that isn't coppersafe, which they didn't have, but it can't be combined with the coppersafe. I took the filter out, too, although it had been in the tank for a week. The coppersafe said that if it is under 5 days old, to take it out, but I'm not taking any chances AAP/API FURAN-2 BULK CANISTER 850 gram #04017070 by AAP- $129.99. *Directions for Bulk Use: For each 20 gallons (75 L) of water add 1 scoop (1 tsp.). For larger systems, for each 240 gallons (908 L) of water add 12 scoops (4 Tbsp.), or for each 960 gallons (3,634 L) of water add one cup. Repeat dose after 24 hours I have to admit my 2 bettas are from petsmart! They looked so unhappy and I wanted to liberate them from the bland cups! They have really thrived in their 15G - I have a black divider - with plants, warm water, driftwood - one of them uses the floating plants as a bed - they were so happy they started building bubble nests the very next. I use api freshwater master test kit and ammo/nitrites/nitrates all 0. PH is 7.6 consistently and I do 25% water changes weekly with Prime as water conditioner. His hospital tank is 2gallon, with heater (temp same as his tank 82*). I have been doing 100% water changes with half a tsp of coppersafe for over a week with no improvement Coppersafe is a very strong medication that can be very harmful if not used right and stay for quite some time in the tank even after the treatment is completed. Not to mention having water with low KH and using copper will certainaly up the medications potency

‍‍‍ Get all the extra benefits by becoming a channel member. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyyGJeKITfR7Y5cq2zX4-oQ/joinCheck out our brand. Seachem Cupramine 50 ML. Be the first to review this product. Cupramine effectively eradicates ectoparasite of both freshwater and marine fish. It has all the advantages of copper sulfate and chelated copper, but not the disadvantages. Like copper sulfate, it is fully ionic and effective at low concentrations Blood Parrot Care Sheet. Common Names: Blood Parrot Cichlid, Red Blood Parrot, Red Parrot Cichlid, Red Parrot Fish, Parrot Fish. The Blood Parrot Cichlid is a hybrid fish that was first created in Taiwan in the mid to late 1980's. Its parentage has been highly disputed, but the most commonly speculated pairings are Midas Cichlid ( Amphilophus. Joined Nov 9, 2007. ·. 2,029 Posts. #3 • Jul 21, 2008. It's extremely hard to make a tank safe for inverts after copper has been used. I'm not sure that there's any way to really do it without emptying the tank and bleaching it (or something like that). Even that isn't guaranteed to remove all copper. You'll want to run carbon in your filter

I found Coppersafe at the Petsmart by me. 3800rs Medium Fish. Mar 23, 2008 #30. Mar 21, 2008 94 0 0 Long Island. Mar 23, 2008 #30. 3800rs; Mar 23, 2008; i dont have a petsmart by me i have a petco and i didnt see it there unfortunely . 3800rs Medium Fish. Mar 23, 2008 #31. Mar 21, 2008 94 0 0 Long Island Overview. MetroPlex™ is an effective and safe treatment for several protozoan and anaerobic bacterial diseases of fish ( Cryptocaryon, Hexamita, Ichthyophthirius ). It does not adversely affect the filter bed and is easily removed with carbon. It can either be dosed into the water or combined with Focus™ in a medicated food mix Aquarium Copper Facts and Use; Cupramine, Copper-Safe, Testing. Revised: 1/16/19. Overview: Copper has long time been used for treatment of aquarium algae, fish parasites, and snail eradication. This includes external treatment of freshwater and marine Ich, Oodinium, and fungus. It is has been said on popular aquatic sites, that people are. You may consider Ick-Attack from Kordon. The label says it treats ick, fungus and protozoans. I have a bottle that I got at PetSmart. It is 100% organic and sutable for use in fresh and saltwater tanks, harmless for plants and invertebrates. I did not use it for ich, but I treated fungal infection on oto and found it very efficient Repeat adding water for 2-3 times with a 5 minute resting period in-between. This will acclimate the fish to the present water conditions (i.e. pH and salinity for marine aquariums). In preparation of the dip, use only distilled or RO/DI water. Prepare the solution according to the directions included in the packaging

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I'm limited to petsmart products at this moment due to my lack of ability to drive (my trips to places that aren't petsmart are kind of treats, except unfortunately in cases like these going to petsmart is a lot more appealing, as i also work there) What I'm left to look at: Mardel Coppersafe Mardel Maracide Mardel Marox Coppersafe (Mardel firms): a drug containing copper compounds for the treatment of white spot disease, flukes, hookworms, mushrooms, velvet, protozoan diseases caused by bacteria and other parasitic diseases. Aquarisol (firm Aquarium Products): saline water containing copper to treat white spot disease and other infectious diseases A Welcome From Joy Welcome to the Omni Hotels & Resorts career page and to the first step in a rewarding career. Omni Hotels & Resorts is known for its exemplary company culture, authenticity to the markets in which we operate, innovation and exceptional service

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CopperSafe or Clear Ich if the ich doesn't seem to be too bad. I encountered a tougher strain of ich early in 2002 that was immune to those products, and am working on getting the correct medicine for the website. What I ended up using then was Formalite, but the manufacturer is gone. Of CopperSafe and Clear Ich, Clear Ich is better 7,685 Posts. #3 · Nov 8, 2012. You have to be careful treating clown loaches, they are a scaleless fish and should only use 1/2 doses with them as they are pretty sensitive fish. Anything that can cause stress can weaking a fishes defences in fighting diseases and that is why ich can attach so fast Seachem Kanaplex: Kanaplex is a blended kanamycin based medication which is very effective against gram negative bacterial diseases as well as some fungal infections. Kanaplex can be added directly to the water column or mixed with food to treat only a specific fish

what is the best remedy for getting rid of ICK from a 20 gallon fish tank? Where can I get the product? what is the best remedy for getting rid of ICK from a 20 gallon fish tank Aquarium Livestock. Algae Cleaner Packs. Corals. Coral Frags. Freshwater Fish. Freshwater Fish Starter Packs. Freshwater Invertebrates. Live Aquarium Plants. Live Fish Food Velvet is one of the more common diseases in aquarium fish and can strike down every inhabitant in the tank before the hapless owner realizes what he or she is dealing with. Also known as Rust or Gold Dust disease, it is caused by one of several species of a tiny parasite known as Oödinium (also known as Piscinoodinium ). 1  Oödinium is a.

Commonly medicinal products for fishes are API Melafix, Copper-AID, Coppersafe, and Cupramine. Those medicines you can easily found on the market today or your favorite online store and of course can be used for caring of your fishes. The best treatment is the right way to make your fauna in tank stay healthy help fight it. Combine salt treatment with Mardel's Coppersafe, Maracyn I & II, API Erythromycin, OR API Triple Sulfa, combined with Jungle's Fungus Eliminator (if possible). Hole in the Head Disease •Symptoms: lesions (holes) will appear around the head area, Lethargy, Loss of appetit How to Prevent Fin Rot . Many of the measures to prevent fin rot are the same preliminary steps used to treat fish that have the disease. The best prevention against fin rot is good aquarium maintenance.Change the water regularly, vacuum the gravel, and monitor the water chemistry by having a regular testing schedule and documenting the results. This will allow you to quickly notice water. My local aquarium was closed, so I went to Petco and bought about 15 minnows to feed to my Arrowana, Shovelnose and Red tailed Cat. They ate them all rather quickly. Day later, my shovelnose is swiming at the top sort of vertical as if he's trying to get air. So is the red tailed cat and my.. Joined Jul 10, 2013. ·. 163 Posts. Discussion Starter · #5 · May 10, 2014. I put some new water in after 1 day of being poly-filtered. The shrimp are fine, but it was only a bit oof water for evaporation. I then moved the poly-filter to the aquarium with 2 spare 10 gallon filter s. After 2 days, it is already brownish

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Mardel Coppersafe from Fritz Aquatics treats both freshwater and saltwater ich, along with other diseases, including Velvet (Oodinium) and other external parasites. However, because it is a copper-based treatment made from chelated copper sulfate, any invertebrates in your tank must be removed before using the product My Emperor angel has white crap all over it,ich but looks a little different than the normal,I feed withgarlic,added a UV serilizer and all.any ideas before I lose him? Sent from my T-Mobile G1 using Tapatal My petsmart did not have the blue or green stuff. She was going The Betta Fix has malaleuca or the dye? You may try copper sulfate (coppersafe is a product that may be used). BUT- the maracide works great. I would try to find it if he's still itchy looking (actin...See More > > >>. Hi, I have just started my 300 gallon tank. I cycled it with my clown fish for several months, then added the rest, along with some extra bacteria. I never saw any spike in ammonia, nitrite, or nitrate. Here are the fish added: porcupine puffer flame angel coral beauty 3 schooling bannerfish..

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Ich-X utilizes the most widely respected formulation for the treatment of ich, using a less toxic form of malachite green, which makes it less taxing on biological action and safe for scaleless and sensitive fish like Corydoras I got a bottle of Ultra Care PX from Petsmart earlier. Just as I was getting ready to clear out and search another tank my left middle finger swelled up and became numb. I have no idea what caused this. This has happened before because of allergic reactions to bloodworms or Coppersafe. I haven't handled either for awhile though He never really warmed up to other people. Also, a Chihuahua mix, he growled & nipped at me all the time the first week we met. What worked: we did group training through petsmart which was affordable ($100 for 6 weeks), I practiced the homework 5x a day for at least 7 months ( 2x early morning before work, 1x mid day, 1x evening and 1x before. After searching for many years, we are pleased to offer a range that are very quick to fruit, taste great,and do well in our dodgy summers. Beware of Herbicide- Contaminated Compost and Manure Bioassay test- this is the best way to test for Only use plant-based composts for making compost tea. Aqueon Freshwater Aquarium Plant Food at PetSmart

Melissa Margaret Patterson is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Melissa Margaret Patterson and others you may know. Facebook gives people the.. A: CopperSafe is a potent parasite treatment and when dosed properly can be very effective. Like any fish medication, it has its pros and cons. Your question regarding the dosing of Coppersafe is one that often baffles aquarists and unfortunately hasn't been addressed by Mardel. (At least not that I have found)

But with Petsmart aside Petco is a whole nother level of crap. If there was any part of the indrusty that hurts the Ecosystem it would probley be Petco,more animals lose there lives there than the whole world combined. (ok that might be slightly overblown.) You can order as much coppersafe as you want from the store online supply system. I'm thinking coppersafe will cure both problems if the eye things A). Copper Sulfate is recommended, and Coppersafe says it will fix external parasites (visible spots, worms, rapid breathing, extra mucous). I'll be at petsmart tomorrow so I'll be getting something to try treating the tank After trying coppersafe and ich attack the ich remained. This product knocked out all the ich in 4 days. The bottle dropper, either drops to quickly or real slow. neither really seemed to help. I finially got Quick Cure ($2.99 at Petsmart). After just 3 days fish are happier and not flashing. I used for 10 days and haven't seen any ich. I frantically called around to LFS' and found petsmart was still open. I luckily found a knowledgeable employee and he told me it was most likely ich and even though they were closing in a few minutes, he offered to purchase the Mardel Coppersafe and keep it at the front door for me until I arrived. (That was very cool of him! In severe cases use Mardel Coppersafe. Hole-in-the-Head Disease This disease causes large cavities and sores on the head and along the lateral line of the fish. 14 Two Left Paws at PetSmart.

Barry Allen coppersafe kills snails and all inverts and scaleless fish (catfish, plecos, loaches ) For my very first tank, the people at Petsmart didn't tell me anything about the nitrogen cycle or about how I would need to cycle the tank first - so I didn't. Two years later, I still have one of my original fish (the other two died as a. Today I decided to reboot the experiment! for $0.17 I purchased one small comet goldfish. In the following weeks I will post about how fast a regular goldfish can grow and why 10 gallons should be the bare minimum amount of space for one. I have to admit at about 1 inch (including all of the tail) This 10 gallon tank does seem like over kill KIND OF BETTA FISH DISEASE AND TREATMENT - on older post we have share some usefull information about same topic Betta Fish Disease and Treatment.Now, we want to continue the same discussion, about the types of disease in betta fish and how to treat / cure it I have had my SMB for about two months and I have been treating him for fin rot with API Aquarium Salt for about 6 weeks now. That seems to be getting better, but now he has three anchor worms by that fin. Perhaps this has been the problem the whole time. They are thin and clear and have a.. So just keep up with the coppersafe treatment and redose it after each water change. For the gills, there isn't anything to do. They will clear up on their own though they may always breathe a bit faster than normal simply because some gill membrane may have been permanently damaged. But it's not anything for you to treat or worry about It's recommended you use a commercial Velvet medication like Mardel's CopperSafe® or Jungle's Velvet Guard®. Reducing the amount of light getting into the tanks by keeping the hood lamp off and covering the tank may help to combat the parasites as well. PetCo or PetSmart, and cut a long 1 to 2 inch strip from the mesh. I then attach.

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