10 reasons why chocolate is good for you

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  1. erals. Chocolate can also be a healthy reward snack
  2. Home Men's Lifestyle 10 Reasons Why Chocolate Is Good For You. Men's Lifestyle. 10 Reasons Why Chocolate Is Good For You. written by James H October 14, 2020. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Cast your vote in the comments below. Submit your photos to be featured! 10. See more Chocolate. 9
  3. Chocolate helps fight fatigue and anxiety and even PMS A small study of 10 participants at Hull York Medical School found those given 50g of 85 per cent dark chocolate reported less fatigue, anxiety and depression than those given a placebo chocolate low in antioxidants
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  5. Are you crazy about chocolate? Most people love chocolate, but did you know that some chocolate is good for you? Chocolate, in its purest form is actually an antioxidant. Antioxidants help rid your body of free radicals which are terrible little molecules that run amok in your body causing disease and aging
  6. Regular chocolate consumption can improve your cardiovascular health. Notably, the polyphenols in cacao increase HDL cholesterol (often thought of as the protective kind of cholesterol), which in turns leads to decreased oxidized LDL cholesterol
  7. Chocolate could be good for your heart. Robert Daly via Getty Images A study in the Journal of Nutrition found that eating a small amount of chocolate could reduce your risk of heart disease.

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10 Reasons Why Chocolate Is Good For Your Health. Chocolate is officially good for you. Well, in moderation of course - and the type we're talking about is high quality, low sugar, plain chocolate with a high cocoa percentage - not the cheap milk chocolate surrounding your Crunchie Bar (although that is GOOD).. Before you reach for that Snickers, remember this: While chocolate can do the body good, the study certainly doesn't go as far as proving a causal link between eating more chocolate and losing weight. Keep in mind that all chocolate was not created equal: Dark chocolate packs more of a health punch overall, but even the bittersweet varieties can be high in calories, fat and sugar The next time you eat a piece of chocolate, you may not have to feel so guilty about it. Despite its bad reputation for causing weight gain, a number of health benefits may be associated with this.

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10 reasons why chocolate is good for you. Boosts 'Good Cholesterol' Cocoa contains chemicals called polyphenols, and eating chocolate with high polyphenol levels - like that found in dark chocolate - could improve 'good' cholesterol levels, according to registered nutritionist Gaynor Bussell And the Top Scientific Reason that Chocolate is the World's Most Perfect Food. 1. Cocoa butter melts at 97°F. That's right, just below body temperature. So it actually does melt in your mouth. That also means if you put a Hershey's Kiss on your sweetie's stomach, it will slowly melt into a little pool of chocolate Regular chocolate consumption has been linked to improved cardiovascular health and a reduced instance of blood clotting. A study by the University of Berdeen concluded that those who ate chocolate every day had a 11% decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and a 23% reduced risk of stroke

10 Reasons Why Eating Chocolate is Good For Yo

(Chocolate) is a good antioxidant. It has a good effect on inflammation. We think most of the beneficial effects are because of this, said Dr. Owais Khawaja, a cardiology fellow at St. Vincent.. The antioxidants in chocolate enhance memory and cognition and reduce your risk of dementia. In fact, one study found that eating chocolate improved short-term memory retention in healthy adults, so there's your excuse to grab a candy bar before that important meeting. 2. It can help you maintain a healthy weigh Chocolate has often been called the food of the gods and with good reason. It is undoubtedly one of the most coveted foods for human beings today and is seen as a sinful and indulgent treat. Off late however, cocoa rich dark chocolate is rapidly gaining a reputation as a healthy food with a vast array of health benefits

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9 Reasons Why Chocolate Is Actually Good for You. 1. It Reduces Stroke Risk. A study found out that eating about 45 grams of chocolate a week (equal to approximately 2 bars) led to an astonishing 20% decrease in stroke risk amongst women and 17% in men. It is because of the flavonoids present in it But despite the fact that if eaten in moderation, chocolate, and that too dark chocolate, does have some health benefits. Dark chocolate contains important antioxidants that help the body fight free radicals. But consuming this delicious treat in higher quantities can result in health hazards [Top 10 Bad Things That Are Good For You] Appetite Control — Chocolate contains filling fiber, which is a natural appetite suppressant. So, if you give in to that chocolate craving, you may end. 3. Chocolate supports cardiovascular health. If you're looking for a food to help your heart perform at its very best, dark chocolate may be a good choice. Research shows that eating chocolate can increase your risk of heart disease, partially due to its blood pressure-lowering effects Niedrige Preise. Laufend Angebote. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic

Attention all chocolate addicts, we know you eat chocolate because it's absolutely delicious, but there is so much more to it than that. Besides all of the scientific research out there saying that chocolate is, in fact, good for our physiological health, we've got a list of reasons why it is good for your mental and emotional health. So in case you needed another excuse to eat chocolate. The good news is that although there are caffeine and some sugar in dark chocolate, it won't give you an energy crash like some foods do. 5 Wonderful facts about cacao Cacao beans were so coveted that they were a form of currency in the Mayan and Aztec societies

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Read on for five guilt-free reasons to indulge in this delectable dessert: 1. Improves Cholesterol Levels: A study conducted at Penn State University found that people who ate a diet rich in cocoa powder and dark chocolate had lower oxidation levels of LDL bad cholesterol and higher levels of HDL good cholesterol. 2. Regulates Blood Pressure 10 Reasons Why You're Dreaming About Your Ex. You could go with a good old Hershey's milk chocolate almond bar, but I can't say no to a Snickers or some peanut M&Ms. 6. There are low-cal.

CHOCOLATE: 10 Reasons why it's good for your health

10. Chocolate boosts blood flow. The anti-clotting, blood-thinning properties of dark chocolate have been shown to aid circulation and improve blood flow, which can improve the appearance of skin. In 1905, the Dairy Milk Chocolate has been introduced for the first time and since then it becomes the most famous product of Cadbury. If it is one of your favorite chocolate bar, the list about the health benefits of Cadbury chocolate below are enough reasons to keep eating this delicious snack. Values Contained in Cadbury Chocolate Nope, and here's why: 1. They are good for the soul. Studies show that those who consume at least one cookie a week, live a happier, fuller and more satisfying life. (As a girl who has practically made cookies since being in the womb, I'd say I'm a pretty reliable source). 2 10 Ways Dark Chocolate Benefits Your Health 1—Reduces Risk of Heart Disease. Want to snack on something good for your heart? Dark chocolate is the answer! Several studies have shown that dark chocolate is good for your heart. In 2007, for example, researchers showed that it increased the diameter of coronary arteries, improving blood flow 10 Reasons Ice Cream Is Actually Healthy For You. Lifestyle. Ice cream can actually be good for you. Dark chocolate? It's loaded with antioxidants and also has flavonoids to protect your.

Here are 10 good reasons why you should eat dark chocolate if you want to lose weight: 1. It curbs the craving for sweet, salty and fatty foods: Researchers have found that dark chocolate eliminates craving for sweet, salty and fatty foods as it gives a feeling of satisfaction or fullness. Dark chocolates can satisfy your cravings nutritiously. Regulates Blood Pressure. A single cup of chocolate milk delivers more than 10% of the potassium you need each day, which can help lower your blood pressure and improve heart health by lowering your risk of heart attacks and strokes. [6] Improves Digestion. There is quite a bit of fiber in chocolate milk, which can improve your digestion process and regulate your bowel movement, while also. Here are ten real reasons why chocolate is a great idea: In today's health conscious society, we're told that sugar is bad for us and anything that tastes as sinful as chocolate should be avoided. Well, I have good news. Not only is chocolate good for us, but it actually has quite a few major health benefits. As always, the key is moderation Dark chocolate contains 50-90% cocoa solids, cocoa butter, and sugar, whereas milk chocolate contains anywhere from 10-50% cocoa solids, cocoa butter, milk in some form, and sugar. Though dark chocolate should not contain milk, there may be traces of milk from cross-contamination during processing, as the same machinery is often used to produce.

Get Crazy About Chocolate - 10 Reasons Why Chocolate is

  1. (Related: why chocolate and chilli is a great aphrodisiac) This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses
  2. Here is why chocolate is good for your health 1.Chocolate Lowers cholesterol Researchers say that, chocolate helps reducing LDL (low-density lipoprotein) or bad fats in blood and there is a chance that the plant sterols (PS) and cocoa flavanols (CF) in chocolate bars might have some effect on cholesterol levels
  3. Chocolate can very very healthy for you, but it really depends on what kind. Dark vs lighter chocolate. When it comes to the notion of healthy chocolate, the truth is mostly held in the darker stuff. This is because what's healthy is not the chocolate its self, but the flavonoids found in the cocoa beans. Rather than asking: is chocolate good.
  4. D intake, but you may wonder if it's really healthy. This article reviews whether chocolate milk is good or bad.
  5. Friday's Top Ten Scientific Reasons Why Chocolate is Good for You Chocolate contains tryptophan, a chemical in the brain that is used to produce the neurotransmitter, serotonin. High levels of serotonin stimulate the secretion of endorphins, and produce feelings of elation
  6. Here are 11 reasons why you incorporating more chocolate into the diet of expecting mothers can have amazing benefits: 1. Dark Chocolate Relieves Pre-eclampsia: Pre-eclampsia is one of the causes of premature labor and is characterized by high blood pressure and protein levels in your urine during pregnancy. When the blood pressure increases.

The Health Benefits of Chocolate: Cool Stuff You Didn't Kno

2. The good stuff is American-made. There are quite a few U.S. companies, like jcoco, Guittard, and Askinosie, who are making really great quality white chocolate.(Unlike milk and dark—Europe. As healthy as chocolate milk is, you should always be cautious not to overdo it. One of the reasons chocolate milk tastes so good is because it can contain up to 30 grams of sugar in 1 cup, and too much sugar can lead to weight gain. Also, 1 cup of whole-fat milk has about 8 g of saturated fat, which you should always be wary of Nutritional information. Share on Pinterest. Dark chocolate with 70-85 percent cocoa is a good source of magnesium, zinc, and iron. According to the United States Department of Agriculture.

Why Is Dark Chocolate Good For You? There are a variety of reasons why researchers and health practitioners consider cocoa and dark chocolate to be good for you, especially when compared to other types of chocolate. Cocoa contains high levels of naturally-occurring compounds called flavanols, which are plant-derived nutrients Eating chocolate may help you lower your blood pressure and your risk for heart disease and diabetes, according to MayoClinic.com. However, not all types of chocolate contain significant amounts of the compounds responsible for this effect, and chocolate is high in calories, fat and sugar, so it shouldn't be considered a health food

6 Reasons Why Chocolate is Good for You Our guilty pleasure no longer needs to be so guilty. Carly Krasnoff. Next time mom asks why you're still single, tell her it's because she's not sending you enough chocolate. In addition to the increased blood flow to the brain and the caffeine, dark chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA. There's also good evidence that chocolate milk is an effective post-workout recovery drink - especially after endurance sports like running, swimming, or cycling. There's water, so it helps to replenish what you've sweated out; chocolate milk has a 4:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio, which is ideal for the helping your muscles to re-up on stored. Is Chocolate Milk Healthy for Kids? In most school cafeterias in the U.S., chocolate milk is an available (and popular) choice at lunch. Nutritionists connected to the dairy industry take the stance that chocolate milk meets nutritional requirements, and that the health benefits of the milk outweigh the potential problems of added sugars in the flavoring The benefits of white chocolate are few as compared to dark chocolate, but, if you have a craving for white chocolate, then you should not stop yourself from having a piece of it. However you should check the packaging for its nutritional value and also ensure that the ingredients of the chocolate contain cocoa butter and not palm oil

So, speaking out for all of the ice cream lovers of the world, here it is, written out: a handful of reasons as to why ice cream is nothing less than absolutely wonderful. 1. There truly is an endless list of flavors. Chocolate or vanilla, fruit flavors, coffee...whatever floats your boat really. 2. It's the cure for just about anythin Here are five reasons why dark chocolate is good for you. 1. Lowers the Blood Pressure. Scientists have discovered that eating one 1.5 ounce dark chocolate bar a day decreases the possibility of developing high blood pressure. It can also lower the blood pressure that is already high Three main reasons: It doubles the amount of sugar in a cup of milk, and increases the number of calories from 100 to 140. It trains kids to have a sweeter palate — if your child is constantly drinking chocolate milk, he/she will have hard time drinking regular milk, or really anything that doesn't have high sugar content

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Here are three more reasons why it's smart to keep chocolate in your diet. Heart Healthy — Daily chocolate consumption may reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in some high-risk patients, according to a 2012 study in the journal BMJ. Potentially Slimming — If you've always thought of chocolate as a fat-inducing food, you may want to. There's a reason children can't wait to gulp down a carton of chocolate milk at lunch: sugar. While you might think flavored milk is rich in calcium and vitamin D, it's also loaded with sugar You can not imagine how pleasurable the situation becomes when you consume those chocolate bars in those days of your month. Well, in here, I have highlighted the points that will give you the answer to the question - Why Does Chocolate Make You Feel Better on Your Period. So, here we go exploring and explaining the reasons behind such a miracle 10 Reasons Why Labradors Are AwesomeYou know that Labradors are Awesome, but do you know why? Here are 10 reasons why Labradors Retrievers are Awesome! A f.. The good news is you can improve your blood circulation simply by eating dark chocolate according to a study published in The Journal of Nutrition Research. Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease A study published in Clinical Nutrition found that people who eat dark chocolate more than five times a week reduce their risk for heart disease by 57%

13 Reasons Why Chocolate Is Good for Your Health and Sexuality July 12, 2019 Since you were a child you've been told that chocolate destroys your teeth and makes you fat; well, now, scientists in fact recommend chocolate as being even more efficient than many drugs in preventing and treating various conditions 11 Reasons Why Chocolate Is Good For Your Health. Keep calm and eat chocolate, eat chocolate and keep calm!! Created by Berna Çelikel On Jun 19, 2016 1. Chocolate decreases stroke risk. A Swedish study found that eating more than 45 grams of chocolate per week—about two bars worth—led to a 20 percent decrease in stroke risk among women. This is the perfect time to indulge in a little chocolate therapy! In fact, I love nothing more than sipping on a mug of creamy, home-made Feel Good Hot Chocolate made from guilt-free Naked Chocolat - there's something incredibly pleasurable about surrendering to some velvety indulgence.. The good news is that you don't need to feel guilty - you could actually be doing yourself a favour While you rarely need an excuse to eat chocolate, we'll give you five reasons it is a heart-healthy food. 1. It can help lower your risk of heart disease. You may think chocolate is bad for your heart, but it's just the opposite. It's GOOD for your heart health. In one systematic analysis, researchers analyzed 16 studies examining the. 6 REASONS WHY CHOCOLATE EATING GOOD FOR OUR HEALTH 1.PREVENTION OF CANCER Consumerhealthdigest.com. It can be difficult for you to believe this, but the delicious dark chocolate you love to eat may also help you in warding off the cancer diseases. That's right — one of the benefits of dark chocolate is its potential as a cancer-fighting food

Chocolate is full of nutrients that stimulate a good mood, starting with magnesium, zinc, B vitamins and chemicals that induce good hormones in the body. Dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin are just a few hormones that increase when you eat chocolate, and a little goes a long way If you can fulfill a need for food with an apple, and get a satisfying crunch with sweet juice to follow, there is a good chance you will get some feel-good chemicals flowing in your brain. If you. So, another way to get the benefits of theobromine is to consume products that contain caffeine, which include coffee, tea, cola drinks, and cocoa. 4,5 So, this gives you an excuse to consume those chocolate-flavored coffee drinks that you love. It gives you an excuse to finally eat the chocolate Easter bunny that you are hiding, waiting for.

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How chocolate boosts brain power, beats stress and helps you sleep: The 10 reasons why you SHOULD be eating it (as if we needed any encouraging!) The treat also promotes feelings of attraction. 5 Reasons Chocolate Is Good For You At Menopause; Top 10 Tips For Heart Health At Menopause; The DASH Diet For Weight Loss And Heart Health . Chocolate makes us happy, lifts our mood, and is known to be healthy for your heart, provided it is is dark and with a high cocoa content. But what we didn't know until now is just why it has this effect Why chocolate is unhealthy for you In both the raw and roasted state, the cacoa/cocoa bean has an unpleasant taste due to the presence of a number of alkaloids, which include theobromine. This alkaloid is very similar to caffeine and is a known toxin for dogs, cats and other pets

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Chocolate is an enormously complex food containing over 1,500 biochemicals. Several of these are known to positively impact your brain health and function which is why you'll find dark chocolate on any list of top brain foods. It's rare that something so downright delicious is also healthy, but dark chocolate is an exception to the rule Eating a few squares of dark chocolate in the middle of a long day can go a long way, and not just because chocolate tastes so good. The healthful compounds in dark chocolate can improve many aspects of your mental and physical health. So if you can't resist dark chocolate's temptation, here are 20 health reasons you really don't have to Source: Best Health Magazine, March/April 2009. Why chocolate is good for you ' Chocolate may improve your skin Researchers at Germany's Heinrich Heine University exposed chocolate eaters to ultraviolet light and found that after six weeks, they had 15 percent less skin reddening than those who didn't eat it

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Magnesium. The nutrition profile depends on whether you choose whole milk, 2% or skim. For instance, if you prefer chocolate milk made with whole milk, an 8-ounce serving contains: 208 calories. 8. So we'll forget about that useless piece of trivia for a moment and look at 5 reasons why chocolate is good for you! Chocolate contains antioxidants, which reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancers. Forty grams of chocolate contains antioxidants equivalent to one glass of red wine. A 50g bar of chocolate contains .75 mg of iron It's no secret that dark chocolate offers significant benefits for health. This has already been the subject of considerable research, with potential benefits including stress relief (1,2,3), blood sugar control (4,5), lower diabetes risk and improved brain function (7,8,9).With all these health benefits of dark chocolate, it's no wonder that so many people consume it regularly Yes, You Should Eat Dark Chocolate Daily (Here's Why) Thanks to unhealthy processing methods, chocolate has earned a reputation as a junk food.. While the candy bars lining the supermarket shelf are certainly not good for you, organic, raw dark chocolate has many surprising health benefits and is even considered a superfood. There is. 10 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Eating So Many Sweets Every Day! HEALTHY LIVING. 5 years ago. 10 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Eating So Many Sweets Every Day! 1.5 K Shares. If you tend to eat a lot of sweets, it's a good idea to get yourself tested for nutritional deficiencies, because research shows that people who eat the most sugar.

Why Dark Chocolate Is Better Than Milk Chocolate If you've got a sophisticated sweet tooth and not the palette of a five-year-old, this is what you should be eating. By Matt Ducko 10 Reasons Why I Love Food and Why You Should Too Food is more than just the stuff you eat. Anna Keefe. Ghirardelli Double Chocolate brownies and a Twitter rant. and are bound to be more confident. Healthy food like fruits and vegetables make you feel good and a lifestyle full of healthy eating can change someone's life for the better MISSION, Kan., Jan. 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- (Family Features) Chocolate milk is more than just a sweet treat. The drink you enjoyed as a kid actually has many nutritious benefits, in addition to.

10. Chocolate makes you feel better. As mentioned previously, chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA), which is the same chemical that your brain creates when you feel like you're falling in love Here are 6 reasons why dark chocolate is good for you. 1. Mood enhancer. Chocolate has been found to help lift your mood especially when you are dealing with a lot of stress. Obviously dark chocolate in moderate proportions however it is found chocolate can help increase the feel-good hormones endorphins and serotonin levels in the brain Another reason to be pleased. Scientists have confirmed that dark chocolate is beneficial for our health. The greater cocoa content provides high concentrations of antioxidants called flavonoids, which reportedly prevent cancers, protect blood vessels, promote cardiac health, and counteract high blood pressure. Authors Chocolate. Is that milk chocolate candy bar good for you? No. But dark chocolate is a little better. It has antioxidants. And there's evidence it can help with heart health, diabetes, brain.

7 Proven Health Benefits of Dark Chocolat

On the occasions when someone has sent me chocolate, I have either given it away or (horrors!) put it in the trash. That's where it belongs. Just because something is 'natural' does not mean that it is good for you! Deadly nightshade and mercury are natural! In any case, chocolate is highly, highly processed, which is not natural Chocolate is good for the heart. Eating chocolate at least once a week is linked with a reduced risk of heart disease, according to research published today in the European Journal of Preventive. Dark chocolate has more cocoa and nutrients than milk cocoa. It has more dietary fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and selenium. If the health factor is your excuse for eating chocolate, consume it in moderation as you nibble. Additional Resource: Chocolate, dark, 70-85% cacao solids. (n.d.) These gut-friendly results sound promising, but before you stock up on dark chocolate, there's some important health concerns you need to consider. Not any dark chocolate will do. Patients were consuming 70 percent dark chocolate, which health experts estimate is the minimum percentage you need to achieve greater nutritional benefits Here are our top 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Bohol, Philippines. Bohol is one of the many Islands that make up the Philippines. The Island of Bohol has a picturesque landscape and rich culture which leaves visitors wishing they had more time on the island. Bohol is among the world's most popular tourist destinations because of the.

Chocolate is good for We all know that chocolate makes us feel better There are a number of scientific reasons for this. The smell of chocolate has been found to slow down brain waves, making. 6 reasons why pregnant women need to eat chocolate more often. there is some good news for you. Craving for chocolate might be keeping you and your baby healthy, say new studies

Five reasons Nutella should be banned from your breakfast table: 1. The first ingredient is sugar. Despite the lovely visual of hazelnuts tumbling across the screen in the television commercial, the first ingredient in Nutella is plain old, white, refined, most likely GMO sugar. Hazelnuts make their appearance after sugar and palm oil Why do so many people consume healthy smoothies on a regular basis? I have my own reasons, but thought it would be fun and helpful for others to collect all of the more popular reasons into one spot. Initially, I planned on covering the top 10 reasons, but once I got going I realized 10 wouldn't do justice to healthy smoothies. While many of the reasons below are associated with a particular. Eating chocolate can also help lower your blood pressure with those with High Blood Pressure and help lower your cholesterol by 10%. Transition - (We just talked about benefits towards the heart now lets talk about why chocolate is good for your skin) Main Point 2: Skin Health Benefits with Dark Chocolate. - The article of Why chocolate. Well, here at Sandy Pony Donuts, we have at least 10 reasons to be thankful for donuts. 1. An amazing way to start the day! For generations, folks have bellied up to the donut counter to order a donut and a cup o' joe. It was a great way to socialize and catch up on the latest town gossip

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